Why do men want to be gynes?

When women ask for a recommendation for a gyne, they are always asked, "Do you want a female gyne or is a male gyne ok?"

This brings me to my question: Why do men want to be gynes?
It's perfectly understandable why women would want to be gynes, but men?

Here are a few reasons:
1. They honestly want to help women.
2. Many gynecologists are also obstetricians which means they help to deliver babies. Bringing new life into the world is an amazing experience.
3. They think that the female body is the most interesting piece of art or thing on earth.
4. No normal woman enjoys a visit to the gyne, so male gynes thought they could offer women "special" service to make the visit something to look forward to :P
Just joking. Btw, doctors are not supposed to get involved with patients. I dated a doctor (not gyne) who told me that somehow when an attractive lady becomes his patient, his small brain switches off and he loses all sexual interest in her so he would refer me to another doctor if I ever needed to see a specialist in his area of practice. Anyway, male gynes are famous for saying "If you've seen one, you've seen them all."

My curiosity extends to men who would want to be urologists. Did they become urologists so that they can touch other guys' penis and balls? How about proctologists/colorectal surgeons - do they have shit fetish or a fixation on the anus?

But my biggest question is: which woman would want to marry a man who sticks his fingers into the vagina of every woman or touches the balls of every man he sees?

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Anonymous said...

May be should add another question:
1. Why women can accept men gynes as their panel doctor?
2. Why their boy friend/husband allow their girl friend/wife to have further consultation with the men gynes

WeeMin said...

Interesting post...in response to your question on why men want to be gynaecologists, I believe it is entirely a personal choice/interest. FYI, I am a doctor in Malaysia...and from my personal observation, there appears to be more male gynaes around in the places I've worked in!

I believe some female patients actually prefer a male gynae as he is usually more likely to empthasise with them and not be so easily dismissive of certain symptoms or complaints. I dare say that male gynaes are BETTER listeners compared to their female counterparts :) If only the patients are willing to open up more (figuratively, not literally!)

As to questions on whether the male gynaes get aroused by their patients, or the fact that their spouses allow their gf/wife to be followed up under male gynaes, I think it all boils down to professional ethics.

If one can make a clear distinction between professional conduct and personal thoughts, then there shouldn't be any issue at all about building good rapport vs uneasiness, making relevant physical contact during examination vs sexual violation, etc.

Of course, doctors are also only human and there are exceptions...but they are thankfully few and far between.

So the bottomline? There's nothing wrong in being a male gynaecologist; neither should there be any hesitation to visit one (unless of course your partner is not keen!).

Note: do check out this link for a glimpse of the Hippocratic Oath that all doctors should hold firm to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hippocratic_Oath