Telling how a guy would perform in bed by his movements

I would never agree to have sex with a guy I've only "met" online. Not even if I see many of his photos and videos, have webcam session, or talk to him on the phone. The answer is No.

Why? It's not because I think it's wrong or whatever. Rather, I think there are ways of telling how a guy would perform in bed by his movements which I won't be able to observe through the internet.

I get the idea that guys who can maintain fluid and relaxed movements, especially while swimming, are smoother in bed. Having relaxed movements gives me the impression that the guy knows how to relax and enjoy sex.

Have you seen people who simply can't dance to the beat? It's pretty funny to watch! I admit it's quite bad of me to laugh but most of them aren't embarrassed otherwise they won't be dancing in public, would they? One needs to maintain a rhythm in order to reach an orgasm. So if a guy can't maintain a rhythm, I would think he won't be that good at giving me orgasms.

Hip rotation
Some guys rotate their hips like one degree too much while walking or running. Although it's true that some gays walk / run like that, some straight guys walk like that too. How much hip rotation is required during sex? Quite alot. But along the correct axis please.

Arm movements
Some guys have weird ways of swinging their arms while walking or running. I've seen some guys running with "broken wrists" or with the palms of their hands facing forward like they're caressing somebody's boobs. I prefer strong hands so "broken wrists" are out. About caressing somebody's boobs... I prefer guys to be more discreet.

Restless legs
Notice the way some guys shake their legs? I wonder whether it's got any relation to their preferred speed of thrusting. Some of them shake their legs the whole day - it makes me wonder whether they would be masturbating the whole day if they're at home. I don't get turned on by the idea of a wanker who sits in front of the computer all day surfing porn and jerking off.

One of my friends said I'm insane for thinking this way. However, I found an article that says it is possible to spot a woman who is able to reach vaginal orgasm by the way she walks. So it's highly possible that one can tell how a guy would perform in bed by his movements!


Anonymous said...

may i ask u a question, do you really like to blowjob?is that every girl does like it and curious to try it(as they never try it beforea)?you like a guy to lick ur pussy?thanks.

Anonymous said...

My answer is the same as yours, i.e. NO to sex with gals whom I've only met online. I need at least 3 hrs of face-to-face communication to build up my mood with her. The sames goes for online shopping, I just don't like that idea. Fyi, I am a guy. :)

Mr Choo said...

Hahaha.."My answer is the same as yours..I.e. No to sex with Gals whom I've only met online"
That's bull shit. Cos you screw 3 hours later..same shit meh..
that's innocent alright.
and as for that loser questions of whether you like your dick suck or bite off.., go get yourself a sex doll..maybe it can tell you whether you're licking it right..

Yu-Kym said...

Let's keep the topic of oral sex for another day.
I'm a bit puzzled by the 3 hours to build up mood. Sounds like you've already made up your mind to have sex but you just want some foreplay. But I like your analogy with online shopping!
Maybe I'll invent or endorse a sex doll that tells guys whether they're licking it right. hahaha

ben said...

hmm after reading ur 1st paragraph i have a question:
would u do it if u meet a guy from the web person to person and he fulfills the criterias. (btw the last part abt legs, i guessing u dont like a guy who shakes his legs too much?)

symbian said...

Hi , my friend introdue your blog to me and i very curious after i checked urs blog . i jz wonder what you want and why girl tell abt sxx in their own blog . if u really want towait for a nice guy . stop this topic and introdue abt you life style and let guy to knowing you better ..Take care and gd luck to you best regard

Yu-Kym said...

Ben, guys from the internet, from the pub or anywhere are all the same! ya I don't like guys who shake their legs... i find it irritating.
Symbian, it's interesting that you think that my objective of blogging is to meet a nice guy. I do write about things other than sex (if anyone bothers to click those links). Sex is a part of (almost) everyone's life so why shouldn't I talk about it? Besides, reading my thoughts around sex, marriage, etc, is a way of getting to know one aspect of me better.