Shit fetish

Warning: This post may be unsuitable for reading just before meals.

"BRB going to do big business".
"Wa, stomach ache! I lao sai just now!"
"I had trouble this morning."

Guys would always volunteer too much information about their shit or lack of and seem extremely pleased about it. Perhaps they've been constipated and are delighted to celebrate their bundle of joy with someone. I wasn't sure whether guys do this to me because they treat me like a guy buddy or they say such things to all gals.

If a guy has constipation or diarrhoea, I would prefer not to know about it unless absolutely necessary, e.g. if I'm out with him and I need to wait for him or get help. It's not pleasant for me to know the details if he's just a friend let alone someone I'm dating!

I know that all human beings need to shit but shit and filth turns me off. Fortunately or unfortunately, I don't have a shit fetish.

People who have shit fetish enjoy one or more of the following:
- watching people shit
- eating (one's own or someone else's) shit
- masturbating with shit
- playing with shit

I do not know this for a fact but I heard and read that there are shit fetish bars in Japan where you get to watch the gals shit and your dinner is fresh from their ovens. I got to be paid *shit* loads of money to even consider verifying this.

If you're trying to test a gal for shit fetish, I suggest you refer to somebody else's shit instead of your own to avoid any undesirable effects on your sex appeal.

For those who of you enjoy shitty stories, I leave you with Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo from the cartoon South Park:
[Mr Hankey visits Kyle]
[Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo song]
(I'm not embedding them because I don't want to keep looking at them)


LOL.... I won't really like
to share the info of leaving
for shitting...
In my friends' case I would rather
say, they have something
to do... And will be back soon...

And the Japan shit fetish, I really
can't take it when I read the mail~

Yu-Kym said...

Thank goodness! 1 guy less to share his woes!

Anonymous said...

you should try that shit fetish with your boy..
i gurantee you will like it and return for more..
don't forgot that is the food you eat also..

Yu-Kym said...

Shit is just undigested food (mixed with other body fluids for digestion) so theoretically it's "cleaner" than urine. But I won't be trying your suggestion any time soon...

Anonymous said...

Sorry to say this, buuuut... Urine is actually quite sterile. There's a slight amount of bacteria washed out from your urethra when you pee, but thats about it.
But... come on. I've heard of a piss fetish but... SHIT?! I mean, EW. Shit has alot more bacteria due to it scrpaing agianst the intestines, the bacteria brought in on the food and it sitting there to manifest in your rectum until you pass it. But... thats... just... No. Just, no. Wrong. XD

Why can't it be something NORMAL... like whips and chains. ROFLOL!

Yu-Kym said...

I wrote something about pain fetish here.
Hope that's normal enough for you :P

Anonymous said...

In Japan, right in the heart of it's bustling and glittering big cities.... if you have the money (and not afraid of being ripped off) and you speak the language or know the right contacts, you will get access to the most mind-blogging extreme fetishes and role plays that will leave good old David squirming in his bed everynite!

It's not to say that in other western or european countries you dont find such sexual debauchery and extremities, but if you know of the Japanese inward looking, extremely opaque, private, secluded and elitist culture, you will be astonished by their behavourial hypocrisy that is unchallenged in the world! What they seem on the outside is never what they truly are on the inside!

curious cat

Yu-Kym said...

curious cat, did you try out Japan's attractions?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, just came across your reply Yu-Kym.

To answer your question, Nope I did not try them even when I was in Japan a number of times and had covered at least a dozen cities and destinations. I have been forewarned by my Japanese business partners to tread carefully.

I feared being ripped off as I dont speak the language and I do not have a trusted guide. I am also worried being accosted by the underworld mobsters, the triad or yakuza. I can also do them with my Japanese business counterparts but I also do not wish to have follow-up tales suddenly emerging in my office and colleagues or friends whispering behind my back. lol

And if i were to actually indulge in such adventures, I usually do them alone. And I do not have the guts to go it alone in Japan. Some things are just not worth it at the expense of your reputation and safety. Sometimes it pays to be a coward. True no?

silli cat