I used to have a gal friend who looked attractive - relatively tall, nice face and good body. Much as she was fun to hang out with because of her witty comments and jokes, her insecurities about herself weighed heavy on our friendship. I didn't expect any sort of compliment from her but she would sometimes say something nice only to follow up immediately with a comment to put me down. E.g. "that's a nice bag.... but your shoes are ugly", "that guy said you are pretty but he said my body is better and he prefers me". She hated the actress Vivian Chow because her boyfriend liked her. She claimed to be a model but I never saw any pictures (I think she qualifies to be a model by Singapore standards because anybody who looks decent can be a model as long as you pay for your own portfolio). She also told some stories about guys who bought her gifts but I never saw those gifts nor the guys. To give her the benefit of the doubt, perhaps she never saw the need to show me any proof - though she totally felt the need to tell me all about it!

Some girls intentionally choose ugly or less-educated bfs because they think such bfs are less likely to cheat on them or dump them - this is according to a few of my gal friends who admitted this to me and laughed about having low self-esteem.

Some women who don't leave their husbands or bfs after being repeated abused. This has got nothing to do with the women loving their partners too much; it's a combination of various reasons including lack of self-worth and self-esteem.

Why do "normal" guys who don't bother to groom themselves say that the well-groomed guys look gay-ish? They feel threatened by those guys. [The Conspiracy Against Well-Groomed Men]

Why do people need to be the fan of someone or some club, e.g. ManU, to the extent of getting extremely upset and beating up non-supporters? Such people are living vicariously through the victories or lives of others because it makes them feel more powerful. [Living Vicariously]

All of us are affected by self-esteem issues to different extents. What sets the "winners" apart from the "losers" is the realisation and acknowledgment of our lack of self-esteem and our willingness to work on it before we let the it ruin ourselves and our relationships.

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Anonymous said...

god, i must admit, some of the stuff you write is pretty damn stupid.
the plus points are the pics, why don't you be a sweetheart and keep them coming!
less talk, more pictures.

Anonymous said...

probably you are also having low self esteem. that's why you started writing all this nonsense to make yourself look good or feel good.