Music is romance

Weddings, music, dance, flowers and perfume.
I find them so romantic.

We see it on TV, read it in book and sometimes get to witness it at weddings: the guy serenades his sweetheart. It's always so romantic! Music has a way of touching people in ways that we can't quite understand.

Is that why parents make their children take music lessons?
Is musical ability good for brain development or does it give their genes a better chance of survival because their child would be better able to attract the opposite sex?
Does a guy who can serenade a gal stand a better chance of winning her heart?
From my perspective, I'd say yes.

My first boyfriend played the guitar. He didn't serenade me because he was always playing heavy metal stuff. Not romantic. Another boyfriend was good at singing. I didn't get any serenades from him either. He said the only song he knew was "Only You" and he didn't bother to look up the lyrics so he couldn't even sing the whole song. Instead, he asked me to sing him My Heart Will Go On (from the movie Titanic). He loved how I sang it and kept asking me to sing it. So I serenaded a guy?? When I think about it, I'm not too sure whether he was in love with me or my voice. Anyway, I'm no longer with him. Careful what songs you choose!

I'm still hoping to get some serenades. If a guy can serenade me by playing like this, I will fall in love with him instantly!


Mr Choo said...

This is true.
If not, how the hell romantic movie sells if it's not for the talented songwriter to wrote their masterpiece for the movies.
Musics and videos goes hand in set the mood.
Am sure some musics or songs can get you into the mood for reproductions at times right?

Yu-Kym said...

Haha... yaa... some songs do get me in the mood for reproduction... nice choice of word :P