Masturbation causes acne?

I was researching some other topic and I found this question! Did your parents, teachers or friends ever tell you that masturbation causes acne? It's my first time hearing it. Here are some answers I found:

Yes, it causes acne.
- Semen contains vitamin A and Zinc. When you ejaculate you are losing Vitamin A and Zinc. Studies show that people with acne are deficient in Vitamin A. So therefore masturbation causes acne.
- Some people claim that it's true after self-experimenting with masturbating and abstaining.
- Masturbation causes more androgens (male sex hormones) to be produced. High levels of androgens can be related to more severe cases of acne. Therefore masturbation causes acne.

No, it doesn't cause acne.
- This myth was made up to discourage teenagers from masturbation.
- Masturbation does not cause acne but the perspiration left on your skin which you didn't wipe away causes acne.
- Higher levels of androgens can cause increased sex drive and is related to more severe cases of acne. It is possible that it is the higher androgen levels, and not masturbation, that causes acne. Masturbation does not cause more androgens to be produced. Masturbation is the result rather than the cause of higher levels of androgens.
- Masturbation helps you to relax and de-stress. Stress is one of the causes of acne. So masturbation should reduce acne.

I don't think masturbation causes acne. But from now on, I won't be able to get this question out of my head whenever I come across anyone with acne!


pimple = acne?

Sorry my english not that good. TT

Mr Choo said...

am gonna spread this rumour/lie soon..
after masturbations, must use the semens to rub all over your own face, then you will not get acne/pimples..
same goes for gals..
use your lubricants to rub all over your face too, to prevent acne/pimples..

imthekingg said...

omg... sure a funny question asked....haha
masturbation will help to reduce stress... tht one i totally agreed... but not cause funny.... thanks for sharing this funny thing...^^

Yu-Kym said...

elims, ya something like that. pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, etc.

Mr Choo, semen is bad for skin :P