Genital hygiene

Have you ever declined giving oral sex to a person who doesn't practice genital hygiene?

A guy friend told me that he planned on giving oral sex to a gal but when he removed her panties, she smelled so bad there he instantly lost his erection! There was no way he was going to give her oral sex so he made up an excuse that he had a stomachache, put on his pants and left.

Another friend said that the first time he got his girlfriend naked, he found that she didn't have the habit of washing herself properly down there. So he brought her to the bathroom and washed her up before engaging in sexual activities. Subsequently, she washed herself on her own. I guess he must have given her some really good incentives!

Although I'm a little turned off by men who don't shave their pubic hair, what's worse are men who don't wash their dicks properly. When I pull back the foreskin, surprise!!! Homemade dick cheese!!!

I think it's basic courtesy to wash one's genitals properly before engaging in sex. I'm not saying it needs to be 100% germ-free but at least have it reasonably clean. Even if people are not going to have sex, shouldn't they practice some basic hygiene?

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Anthony said...

Eww..dick cheese! what a way to describe it! Haha. But I agree with you here.

My ex: (1) Never wipes nor washes after peeing. And you could always see the yellow urine stains on her panties. (2) She does not shave.
(3) Her pussy has an extreme strong smell that you need to wash your fingers and cock at least twice with soap before the smell is gone. Asked her to see a doc for possible fungal infection but she said no because shy. geez!

And another thing I hate is seeing armpit hairs in ladies. It is such a put off!

Mr Choo said...

that's is why some people get it while other's are desperate to get it.
It all boils down to the individual on how much they wanted to looks, smell and feels good about themselves and whether they want to please or attracts the opposite sex.

Btw, can you change that term "dick cheese" into a more G rated term instead?
I prefer to call those leftover semens "Kraft Cheese" instead.

Yu-Kym said...

Not seeing a doc for fungal infection is so yeeee!

I can't call it Kraft cheese cos don't wanna get sued by Kraft!

Anonymous said...

smell so nice that dick cheese, spread it on the roti and eat it !

Hayabusa said...

If i were to have sex, clean or not clean, i'd definitely go wash myself up first, as well as tellin' her to do the same. havin' heavy smells' one thing, having "residues" on the crotch area's another thing...

Yu-Kym said...

on roti? that is so grooosssss!

Hayabusa, what if you're doing it in a public place or in the car? How to go n wash up? Or you have wet wipes?

Anonymous said...

I get it.

Anonymous said...

Homemade cheese not comes with hotdog, it comes with abalone too, that's my experience.


Yu-Kym said...

KC, you tried both hotdogs and abalone before?