Gay ID

I was on my way home on the bus today and saw a guy with a hunky body walk by. When I looked up at his face, I thought he looked gay. He got off the bus at the same stop. He got off the bus first and was a few paces ahead of me. As I walked by a couple sitting at the bus stop, I heard the seated guy say to his gf," He's gay right?"

I don't know why people get such a kick out of identifying gays. Sometimes when I'm having coffee with friends, I get stopped mid-sentence by those who can't help but point out to everyone a gay walking by. If this happens on a date, I don't think I would want to go out with the same guy again since he is more interested in gays.

How do you identify a gay?
In sex there's always a fucker and fuckee. In heterosexual sex, the fucker is the guy and the fuckee is the gal. In homosexual sex, the butch is the fucker and the femme is the fuckee. (Do note that butch can be used to refer to a male or female homosexual and femme can be used for both males and females too. However, the term faggot/fairy only refers to the effeminate male and may be regarded as derogatory by some people).

It's not that difficult to identify a female butch fucker - usually from her dressing, grooming style and mannerisms. Likewise, it's not hard to spot a male femme fuckee from his effeminate mannerisms.

But I don't think there's any way to identify a female femme fuckee, apart from always seeing her hanging out with a female butch fucker and showing no interest in guys. In the same way, a male butch fucker can't easily be identified. Perhaps he tends to be more manly and well-groomed than a straight guy. When I see a good-looking, well-groomed, hunky guy, the first question that comes to my mind is: Is he gay?

I mean this more as a compliment than an insult. Kudos to the gays who bother to take care of their appearance! I hope the straight guys would try to keep up! [Conspiracy against well-groomed men]

I know a few male gays who seem to be the "perfect" partner: well-groomed, good looking, great with children, respectful to parents and relatives, makes good conversation, an empathetic listener, knows how to cook, etc. What a great loss to women... and *stiff* competition too!


E_T said...

Like the saying goes "All good guys is either married or gay" hahahahahaha

Mr Choo said...

All good woman loves a bad guy...
All bad woman loves a good guy...
There's some truth to it though..