Don’t ask why

I was told that as a child, I used to ask “Why?” all the time. As I grew older, I didn’t ask “Why?” verbally as often. Perhaps it was because I wanted to try figuring out the answer on my own, I knew some people didn’t like to be asked or I knew they didn’t have the answer.

When I was a student, at times I was irritated with students who were constantly asking Why. Even some of the teachers showed their irritation openly.
Example question: Why does gravity pull us towards the earth’s core?
Response: Because it’s gravity!

At work, if you are new to the company or department you will definitely have questions.
Example question: Why is there a need for 2 people to verify the same invoice?
Response: This has been the process all along. Boss said so. *turns to another colleague and asks where they should go for lunch*

Sometimes "Why" is arguably a rhetorical question.
E.g. Why do people who say that they hate me or hate my blog read my blog?

But at times, "Why" is a valid question but nobody thought of asking it for fear of looking stupid or being shot down. Many people don’t like to be asked "Why". So don’t ask them "Why" and don’t ask why you can’t ask "Why". Why? Because they don’t know the answers!


"Why?" and "So?" are my favorite
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"So?" here... And your blog is

Yu-Kym said...

I like the question "So?" in response to bullshit and mindless ranting. Most of the time I don't say it out loud cos I don't wana hear any more bullshit. But "So?" is a great way of irritating the hell out of ppl. Haaaa