Do people get what they deserve?

Three Singaporean inmates sexually abused (oral sex and sodomy) another prisoner and forced him to eat faeces. Read article here. I'm not sure why this person was targeted. It must feel terrible to be a victim of such horrendous acts. I heard it's common for sex offenders to get sexually abused by other inmates - I don't know how true it is. The identity of the victim cannot be disclosed so there's no way to know out what crime(s) he committed that put him in jail but if he raped and abused children, would I then think that he got what he deserves?

If an old man marries a young beautiful woman, and then later finds out that she's cheating on him with young men, did he get what he deserves? E.g. 60-year-old Billy Joel and his 27-year-old wife. Read about it here.

If a woman marries a rich handsome man who lavished her with gifts and she later finds out that he's been lavishing many other women with gifts and spreading his "seeds" around, did she get what she deserves? E.g. Ivana Trump who married Donald Trump. And yes, he used to be handsome!

If a man who is cheating on his wife gets his penis bitten off while his secretary was giving him a blowjob, did he get what he deserves? It happened! Read about it here.

If a CEO who retrenched thousands of staff gets retrenched or fired (assuming no huge payout to the CEO), did he/she get what he/she deserves? Er, I can't think of any CEO's who were fired without getting good payouts!Let me know if you can think of any. However, I recall is this one where I heard some people say that he deserved to get ill because of the number of people he retrenched. I think it's quite bad to think of it this way - illness can strike anyone regardless of whether they have behaved in a "good" or "bad" way.

I don't like to think "people get what they deserve" because there are many people don't deserve the things that happen to them, e.g. a baby getting raped or people getting rich from human sex trafficking. But when bad things happen to people who have done things that are unacceptable, the judgmental part of me can't help but wonder whether they got what they deserve.


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Yu-Kym said...

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Anthony said...

All things around us happen for reason. It is just we do not know the exact reason why it happens.

But to put it generally, these are the workings of past karmas. And until today, people still do not understand why a lot of bad people are rich and a lot of good people are poor. Illusioned, it is very human of us to misinterpret and say, "wtf, no harm in doing bad mah..u see? bad people can get rich...!"

Yu-Kym said...

The 3 men were found guilty.
"Evidence also painted the victim as a sexual aggressor towards other inmates."

woodyooi said...

About what people deserved to get, I have a slightly different view.

If a person witnessed a crime like robbery, and yet did not call police and even shy away from testifying to put the wrongdoer behind bar, such person deserved to be robbed in the future.

I do believe that, for those refused to do anything to make things better, they deserve the lousy outcome shove down their throat.

All that it takes for bad guy to win, is good man do nothing.


Yu-Kym said...

Anthony, I believe in karma too or flow of positive/negative energy. But it's beyond my ability to understand how everything works at the moment.
Woody, failure to take action can be as bad as action. I complete agree that "All that it takes for bad guy to win, is good man do nothing."