Didn't get IT last night

What do we often say when an unmarried middle-aged female co-worker is grouchy towards us?
The kinder version is: "PMS."
The other one is: "She hasn't been getting it."

I would most likely be heading in that direction, I think it's worth giving it some thought.

Had those women always been grouchy that's why they can't find husbands or they can't find husbands therefore they are grouchy? I'm having trouble identifying which is the chicken and which is the egg.

Some married women are also grouchy. What do we often say about them?
The kinder version is: "PMS."
The other one is: "She didn't get it last night."

At times I do think have such thoughts too although I don't say them out loud because my version sounds crude: "That woman needs to get fucked!" I mean it both physically and metaphorically. And if the woman was really nasty, I would think: "Nobody wants to fuck her even if she paid!" I know it sounds mean but it's just my way of coping. Just count her lucky I didn't say that to her face.

I don't know why only women are at the receiving end of such remarks but men aren't. Some men are grouchy and yell for no reason too. I recall receiving a phone call from my (male) form teacher in the evening of my first day at school.

(I joined the Junior College class/school 3 months after everyone else because the first 3 months was optional and I heard that it just a super-long orientation where you get to play games and fool around. That seemed to me like a waste of my time so I opted for working to earn some money during that period instead. However, my form teacher must have assumed I wasn't there during the first 3 months because my grades weren't good enough to get into that so-called top school and he treated me like an idiot and I was on his radar all the time.)

He started yelling at me as soon as I got on the phone. Me: barely 16, small-sized and looking like I could be gone with the wind anytime. What did I do to deserve that on my first day at school? I vaguely recall it was something to do with a copy of my identify card. My lack of recall is not due to poor memory but, rather, I held the receiver away from my ear till he stopped yelling (after at least a minute), then I said ok and hung up. What was his problem?? Now come to think of it, perhaps his problem was: he hadn't been getting it and/or nobody wanted to do it with him even if he paid!



Mr Choo said...

Nothing to do with PMS or whether they got "it" during the nights..
It's their fuck up EQ, or put it simply, their personalities sucks big time..
Hardly got friends, not to mentions lovers?

De Maitre said...

Hahahaha, I think a lot of teachers are snobbish prudes. They like to pass judgements on a student's ability to do well or fail. I was treated like dirt because I wasn't exactly the top in the class and I didn't suck up...

I agree with Mr Choo, some people have such deplorable levels of charisma that even if you send them for a thousand rounds of gangbanging, they will still be grouchy boars.

Anonymous said...

ur blog is so shitty! ur pictures were not artistically taken! might as well naked. isnt it betteR?

Mr Choo said...

Another fine example.
Need I say more of the Fuck up retard EQ no brainer who leaves his/her comments above.?
Go get a life prick/cunt.

Yu-Kym said...

I agree too about the EQ and charisma but it's just more fun to say that they didnt get IT!

Lawrence said...

I do believe this blog is open for personal review not to kept stab the author in every post