The desire for designer goods and gadgets

A few of my friends mentioned to me that their gal friends are always buying designer bags and discussing what the latest "must-have" items are. The male version is: guys who always buy the latest electronic gadgets.

Ok, you have the latest designer bags and gadgets... so?

I think it's a waste of money to pay hundreds of dollars for a designer bag when you can buy nice bags for less than $30. If they've got personal style, they can look nice carrying any bag. If they've got no personal style, even a $1,000 bag can't help them! Some people say that the designer bags are of better quality. Maybe. But what are they going to put in it? Gold bars? If I had gold bars to carry, I'll carry them in a yucky bag so that nobody will think of stealing my bag! A friend of mine checked in her nice-looking suitcase containing designer bags on her way back from the US. When she reached SG, all the bags in her suitcase were gone! So the lesson to learn is: use a yucky suitcase :P
And why do women need to buy so many (designer) clothes? No matter how many clothes we buy women will always have this problem: a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear!

Regarding electronics, everyone wants to play with your new gadgets. I was playing my PSP on the plane a few years ago when it was first released and a lady sitting across the isle asked me whether she can play with it. I told her No! I didn't want her filthy hands on my spanking new gadget! But, gosh, it sure made me feel great having someone else drooling while I'm thinking, "I have and you don't have! Nehnehnehnehneh!"
I am always tempted to buy new gadgets. I thought of buying a new PSP though mine worked just fine and I didn't even play it anymore! The latest models always look sleek and sexy! I can't help but stop and look in the window of handphone shops whenever I walk pass them. But I ask myself: do I really need a new phone? The obvious answer is "No". Most of the newer models are just the same hardware re-packaged in different casings anyway. But could it be sensible to change the phone before the warrenty expires or the phone loses market value?

If you happen to be someone who's always buying the latest designer goods and gadgets, please continue to be altruistic and keep spending to keep the economy going! It's your money - you can do whatever you want with it! Spend spend spend!

[Frugality is a Dirty Word]


Anonymous said...

If one can afford it, pls do indulge in your penchant or addiction for the latest fads, designs or products if you so crave. But I think it's silly to attach so much importance to them or overdo it. But as Yu-Kym rightly's your money. keke

Til now I still dont have an apple Iphone although 80% of my buddies have them. And i must admit it is really a very useful toy! I am still using a banged out standard cellphone. Despite many well-intended innocent comments and the numerous demos to show me it's wonders, I feel no shame nor pressure to convert even after successive generations of Iphones coming into the market. Not till I'm convinced i really need it and ready.

curious cat