Should I cat-fight for the sake of entertainment with a blogger who accused me of stealing her blog ideas? I honestly don't care what other people say. But I'll do it if you want to be entertained :) Otherwise I'll just leave her to whine on her blog.

=====Update: scanned article posted======

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Anonymous said...

I am a neutral.
There's a epidemic going on. It's the Bitch Flu.

Anonymous said...

I like to watch! :)
I will definitely cheer for you :)

E_T said...

just ignore her.

Anthony said...

Fighting does not solve problems

paste her link here, we would love to investigate~ ^_^

Got picked up by media already.

Yu-Kym said...
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Mr Choo said...

Ladies & gentlemen.
This fight is schedule for 1 fall.
Standing 5 feet 3 inches tall weighing 100 pounds, on the red corner, zero knock out and 60 over wins and no draws, is our currently undefeated defending champion, YUUUUUUUU KYMMMMMMMM!!!
(loud cheers please)
And the challenger on the blue corner, standing there like a block of wood, weighing like a 2 sacks of potatoes as she is, a clear cut loser and no win so far is our obnoxious loser, HOOOLLLLLY JEEEEEEEAN!
(Boooooooo and some whistle please)

"Ladies, you know the rules, no eye poking,no crawling, no hitting on each other boobs, no foreplay, no Frenching, no back stabbing, no exposing each other private parts, no cock teasing and have a good fight!"

*Tink Tink

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Just ignore her, HJ just want extra attention.

Yu-Kym said...

So far I’ve only seen insults and subjective opinions posted instead of ANY kind of evidence to the alleged copying or theft. Yet people assume that I’m guilty. This is why the jury system will never work in Singapore: here, people are assumed to be guilty until proven innocent while in the US people are assumed to be innocent until proven guilty.

As the Chinese proverb goes: pigs are afraid of becoming fat, people are afraid of becoming successful. This mean a healthy pig will be killed and eaten; a successful person will be a target.

No, I’m not guilty of theft; I’m guilty of being successful.

Anonymous said...

Pls do your homework. In Singapore, an accused is innocent until proven guilty (although some might argue the drug-related misconduct statutes say otherwise). Speak of being successful only when you at least get your facts right.

Yu-Kym said...

Please read what I wrote properly: I wrote people are ASSUMED to be guilty. Thanks for proving my point.

Anonymous said...

Guess maybe she did not mean to copy , but she certainly seems to get her ideas from HJ , anyway HJ is at the advantage. after all she is much prettier and much higher profile - after all she on tv and in Miss singapore - at least Yukym cant copy her in doing that too! :X ops im so bad :X

Yu-Kym said...

"seems" to get ideas. Nothing concrete. Before you say I get my ideas from someone, Google the topics and see how many results you get.

What's looks, age and high profile got to do with it? I would think someone who was on TV and in Ms SG contest should not be making false and groundless accusations, then refusing to substantiate those accusations. You may like her as a person but this sort of behaviour is not to be admired.
No, you are not being bad, you are being S. LOL

Nvm la, who copy who so important meh?

both blog also have its own readers and supporters.

Just continue to write what you love to write.

Anyway, what's wrong of copy ideas? Your idea has copyrighted, anyone?

De Maitre said...

I think this is a pointless battle. Thoughts and ideas are shared by more than one person, so copyrights are technically impossible.

Besides, why are so many people making stupid hurtful comments about how ugly or old Yu-Kym is? That is just so shallow to me. If she dares to show herself to the world, then admire her courage. She's not being "dirty" in anyway, I think she does a good job in "sexual and BGR education" by airing her past experiences. I think we really need that in society.

Yu-Kym's posts ARE insightful especially in the field of human relationships and life in general. Something I'm not strong in. So I will give her credit for that. =)


Mah said...

Frankly, it does not matter who copied who coz to build up from a blank idea into a blog with loads of content is already a commendable efforts.

Blogs are just like cars. One hybrid model is different from another but from the same idea, do people care who copied who ? Each has its own market share.

Enjoy what attracted you into this blog. I for one enjoyed this blog much.