Brains or boobs?

If a woman had the chance to choose between being born with intelligence or being endowed with big boobs, which should she choose?

In this day and age when boob jobs are available, I’d say intelligence. If a woman is intelligent enough, she would be able to find the money for a boob job and she’ll get to choose the size. Of course the real thing feels nicer than the fake but how many guys will get the chance to feel them anyway? Everybody knows that Pamela Anderson uses implants but men still can’t stop themselves from ogling and women can’t help but admire them. Sure, some guys are turned off by over-sized boobs but, in general, bigger is better.

The answer to my question is not as straightforward if boob jobs are not available. Are brains or boobs more useful? I suppose it depends on what women want in life. Many actresses/models, e.g. Marilyn Monroe, Pamela Anderson and Anna Nicole Smith, got famous simply because they have/had big boobs! One might think a bimbo and her money are soon parted so won't it be better to be intelligent so as not to get cheated by others? And if a man marries a big chested woman, he may not truly love her as a person but only love her boobs so if she loses her boobs to, say breast cancer, would he still love her? But then again, if a man loves a woman for her intelligence, if she loses it in an accident or when she gets senile, would he still love her too?

Let’s be honest: it's great to be happy with one's own body but if even the choice, which woman with small boobs doesn't want bigger boobs? Some women with big boobs want even bigger boobs! (I know that there are women go for breast reduction surgery because of health issues and big boobs are an inconvenience for athletes.) Intelligent women may comfort themselves thinking that they're superior to the big-breasted bimbos but I'm pretty sure they they wish they have big boobs too! So my choice would be... big boobs! Sorry, I suppose I'm a bimbo-wannabe after all! :P

[What's your size?]


i voted for girl with brains! =)

Anonymous said...

girl with brain - 1 vote from me...

Anonymous said...

I don't think an intelligent woman would wants a boob job. No offend.

Anonymous said...

girls with brain.

Mr Choo said...

I say, all girls got brain whether we like it or not..
it's whether they use it or not.
I say, 3 cheers to the girls with boobs.
Cos, not all girls got boobs.
And I sure know how to use it.

Anonymous said...

of coz a girl with a brain

Shaun said...

Both. Simple. In such a day and age, you should get both.

Matt said...

Joke Of The Day:

A God once give me a chance to choose between a nice boobs or a brain. Errr... I forget which one i choose...

mary said...

do write about breast creams pls

Anonymous said...

Hi Yu-Kym

Marilyn Monroe, Pam & Anna N. Smith not only have great boobs. They are pretty sharp in the brains dept. too.

Besides boobs, they are quite attractive in their own right. Boobs are just part of their talent.

Apply your boobs (if you are one of those lucky to have a great pair), intelligently.

What I mean is, boobs can lead you to important introductions. Any normal red-blooded Male would be interested in them. After all, our first introduction to food outside the womb is by our mother's tits!

If you can hold an intelligent conversation, you are garranteed a captive audience.

So as not to appear like a cheap stunt, the trick is to show just a little. For the career-minded / office environment, a spotless white blouse forms a good backdrop - for the fair-skin breast. Team it with a good & luxurious bra - eg Simone Perele from France.

They do cost quite a bit - from $300 up per set. Wash & dry them (never in direct sunlight) properly, they will last tens of years.

The slight show of lace / outlines of your bra in a smart white blouse can give you a edge over the competition. Team with a non-black Garberdine wool pants and you will not appear too unapproachable or stuck-up (more friendly, that is).

With your boobs encased in a luxurious bra, you feel good. When you feel good, you look good.

Hint : the trick is to appear sexually delicious, but NOT available. Which guy can resist the challenge? Your admirers will pursue you to the ends of the world!

I wooed my wife with a humble Honda Accord- borrowed from my sister. She worked in the construction business and had all the towkay types plus professional engineer types to arrogant Developer Sales Managers vying for her time. I was never daunted by the BMWs and Mercedes parked outside her Site office.

I just pay attention to colours & clothes that suit her (and her boobs). I visited the better boutiques and got an education from their sales staff - because of my keen interest. 30 years ago, there wasn't any Takashimaya, I had to walk the length & breath of Orchard Road to look for something good and affordable!

Of course, she gets taken to expensive lunches by those swanky Loaded guys. Invariably, they oggled her boobs, dressed in clothes selected by me. Besides, they were elbowing each other to do business with her company. Her boss was really pleased. He told his Sales Manager - count ourselves lucky, we dont have to make sales calls! These guys are attracted to our company like gravity.

Like I said, if you handle the guys graciously (learn the different techniques of saying 'No'). You will have them eating from your dainty finger tips.

Me? Then, I was just a poor sales man trying to sell Lighting parts to her company. My supplier cum competitor who have 90 percent of the market, Philips Singapore; would not even give me their catalogues! (considered the bible of lighting spare parts). I had to make endless rounds of sales calls to get a copy from another good-looking girl working in her company (my not-yet wife was quite stuck-up then). Far better looking plus friendlier, but she got into a disasterous affair with a married boss.

Girls, I hope you find the above useful. (Be kind to us poor fools if you have agreat pair).

Guys, it is not the size of the boobs that matters. The brains count for more. Frankly, a great pair of boobs can give you no end of trials and tribulations from those with less than gentlemanly dispositions.

Regards, Leo