Articles about my blog in Lianhe Wanbao and Sin Chew Daily

My blog was mentioned in the 30 June 2009 issue of Singapore's Lianhe Wanbao and Malaysia's Sin Chew Daily. [Read Sin Chew Daily article here and Lianhe Wanbao article here, also found in Guangming Daily] If you're looking for the post that was discussed in those articles, here it is: Want More Sex

This is the picture they printed. This picture was from my post about my trip to Kota Kinabalu. I don't know why they chose this picture. What's diving got to do with sex? Hmm... I heard many people get holiday flings during their diving trips. Maybe I'll add on diving as one more way for Singaporeans to get more sex after I've verified it.

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Btw, S'pore Blog Awards and Lianhe Wanbao are by Singapore Press Holdings. So writing about my blog in the newpapers is just a way of promoting the Blog Awards. When my friend told me that I'm in Wanbao, I already knew it can't be anything good. Wanbao contains only bad stuff that's why people read it! I'm not at all upset at what they wrote. I actually had a good laugh! Anyway, the only thing worse than bad publicity is no publicity so I have no complaints!

=====Update: scanned article posted======
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you're very honest and 一针见血! Great!

Ninjapura said...

actually enjoyed ur detailed blogs abt ur diving trip previously... quite surprised to see the article on newspaper last night abt ur blog which labeled like a sex blog... -_-"

keep up the good work...

coolcoolbird said...

nice to meet you. nice blog...body

soya1942 said...

Can't really blame them. The educated have their morning newspapers, and those with other less than "proper" interest have papers like wanbao to satisfy their needs. Demand and supply. Plus. its seriously hard to come across many new things that would attract readers. Sex, violence, political scandals and conflicts that tend to rank 1st on papers like wanbao eventualy get stale after multiple repetitions. I guess you could consider your blog a piece of charcoal scavaged to fuel the stagnant industry of the second rate newspapers.

simperblog said...

waaa hosay already lah, next mediacorp will come knocking...

Yu-Kym said...

All I can say is... I hope it PAYS off!

Melanie said...

sinchew daily and lianhe wanbao are not the same newspapers lah

Anonymous said...

Wow! Even M'sian Mainstream Chinese Newspaper cover your blog.

Admire your boldness in certain topic. Looking 4ward for more. Parking here now.


Yu-Kym said...

Ya sinchew and wanbao are not the same. I don't have a colour scanner so I was looking for a copy of the wanbao online and found the same article on sinchew! I'm honoured to be published in both papers.
Wonder if anyone can help to scan and email the sinchew and wanbao prints in colour for me? :)