What I bought at PC Show 2009


I went to the PC Show today to sign up for M1 1Mbps mobile broadband. I'm currently paying about $11 for Singtel's 1Mbps mobile broadband but the promotional rate expires on 2 July. I saw a new promotional flyer by Singtel offering a free external harddisk for customers to re-contract at $16 a month (24-month contract). I called up Singtel and asked whether I could re-contract and get the free harddisk. Although the customer service officer was polite, the answer was no. I'm only 2 weeks away from 2 July... looks like Singtel's just lost 1 customer.

I did the math and M1's deal turned out to be better:
Singtel 1Mpbs $16 subscription per month (for 24 months, 50GB limit per month) = $384
Free ext HDD worth $100
No free modem

M1 1Mpbs $12 subscription per month (for 24 months, no data limit) = $288
Free modem worth est. $100

Singtel is more expensive than M1 by $384 - $288 = $96. With $96 I can buy a external HDD and still have leftovers! So I headed straight to the M1 counter at the PC Show. A guy brought me to join a queue. This one:

The queue was rather long but it was moving at a good pace. I was impressed until I reached the front of the queue. All the guy did was give me a queue number! He said the wait would be about 15-20 mins at this queue:

So I waited about 20 mins and it was finally my turn. The staff scanned my identity card, showed me the modem and printed out a service contract for me to sign. I was shocked when she instructed me to join yet another queue to get a receipt! This was the queue:

I was shuffled around like some animal to the slaughter but the only difference was: I was PAYing. I guess the service providers in Singapore treat customers like animals because they can. Thankfully that was the last queue otherwise I might have fainted there! (And if a fat ugly guys gives me mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, I don't know whether I would faint again or I would get up instantly to avoid taking another of his breath!)

Here are the other things that I got (shown in my picture):
Microsoft wireless comfort curve keyboard and mouse $55.90 with free $5 MacDonald's vouchers.
Hitachi 250G external HDD $75.90 with free TDK sports earphones.
Free re-usable bag from Singtel (not shown in the picture)

I wanted to buy speakers but I haven't decided whether I should get sub-woofers so I decided not to buy them yet. Besides, speakers are bulky and heavy. If I want to buy speakers I shall request carrying services of a nice, helpful guy :)

I wonder whether it was worth my time and effort to queue that long for M1. But I think the other items which I got were good bargains. After all, I wasn't planning on doing anything else today that would earn me the money which I got in savings. But then again, did I really need a keyboard and an external HDD?


simperblog said...

wow, it's nice to be loaded this point in time

Yu-Kym said...

it's nice to be loaded at ANY point in time :P

simperblog said...

Need your advice if the M1 $12 WBB is any good.
Online 1mb sub is $15.

Yu-Kym said...

$12 WBB is same speed as $15 but was the promo rate. M1 WBB is slow during peak hours - same case as with singtel. You can check out what other people say about it here http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/forumdisplay.php?f=4