Want more sex?

"Wanna go back to my place?" sounds so much better than "Wanna go a hotel?" unless the hotel you're going to is an upmarket one like Ritz-Carlton or Fullerton.

I know that many gals don't like the idea of going to "transit" hotels like the ones in Geylang, Singapore. Perhaps it's because they don't want to run the risk of being seen there or that it makes them feel like prostitutes. The only thing that sets them apart from prostitutes is that the gals are not getting paid!

Understandably, some gals prefer making out in cars. It could be that they simply enjoy the excitement of the possibility of getting caught or seen or that it seems less sleazy than going to a hotel.

One of my male friends who was on a sexual drought got himself a car even though he didn't need one and hates driving. Within a month he got himself some action! He proudly calls the car his shag machine.

Many people who live with their parents would wait for their parents to go out before having sex with their gf/bf or whoever they bring home. If they weren't living with their parents, I'd figure they would be having lots more sex. In fact, living with parents has been cited as one of the reasons why Singapore usually ranks quite low in global sex surveys where frequency of sex is concerned.

My friend (who owns the shag machine) is still living with his parents. If he gets his own place I suppose he would be calling it his shag paradise?

Want more sex? Don't stay with parents or get a car!

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I think nowadays the community is getting much more open in talking about sex.

Myself is one of the person who proudly encourage people to have sex before 25 years old. If ones need to wait till marry, at this era it is normal at age 30, that would already been too old.

Why sex at young age? Because it could really open up & activated (启发) every part of body's nerves. It is observed that people that dun experience sex in young age would be comparatively
less ideas,
less motivated,
and much more negative minded.

Just some of the sharing of friends and my thought.

elims chuang

Mr Choo said...

Oh yes..
Before 25 yrs?
You get more pregnancy,
unmarried mothers..
jobless fathers..perhaps..or could be in NS?
More widespread diseases? HIV and STD...
Low self esteem..
most probably turn to other form of vices to compensate for lack of sex in later years?
High chances of Divorce..
If sex at early years means you're more mature and looks more cooler, I think this society is getting into real deep shit very soon.

Anonymous said...

Yu, grow up and be counted. You are no more a youthful delinquent who's ambivalent & contradictory, or should I say, a rascal trying to act conspicuous "maturedly young" in an adult world which you can't handle.

If u wanna get laid like a bitch or a slut, do it iin any place anytime you want it, not just in a stupid car!

to me, your blog, is but anything, except my 2 cents worth.

Yu-Kym said...

elims and Mr Choo, thanks for sharing your views. i think people should have sex when they are "ready" to handle the consequences of sex, e.g. pregnancy, diseases, etc.

Anon, only people who didn't get sex last night talk like you. http://yu-kym.blogspot.com/2009/07/didnt-get-it-last-night.html

Shaun said...

Have more sex, should be safe sex la.
In such day and age with information and technology, it is amazing what nonsense ppl can still come up with to screw up their lives.

Anonymous said...

It all about values and acceptance. have friends who detest TV and cos of the bad influences and all that but they have been living together - and its okay. its all about values(trends?) of the day!

Anonymous said...

Yup, you're right about it.

Liam said...

Singapore - School have been teaching sex education for so many years and there's so much informations in this tech age. How can anyone still get themselves into trouble like pregnancy and illness by having sex.

Condom is readily available... There's even condom vending machines around.

Come guys.. Practise safe sex!!

Anonymous said...


Have u been young before and behave recklessly? Have u had a time when your libido was sky high and hormones raging every minute? Have u ever had sex without condoms and experience the feeling without it?

If u have, isnt it obvious?

curious cat

Liam said...

I'm not going to denied that I have not had sex without CD but what I'm trying to say here is if someone know the important of safe sex and still don't practise it is not acceptable. I do know guys who do not practise safe sex even they have gotten their partner pregnant before and some also gotten themselves into trouble with illness.

Come to think about it. I have only make love with 2 women without CD. And the rest are all safe.

Yu-Kym said...

Ya... safe sex please!