Selfish classmates

Ever had selfish classmates who would never let you see or copy their assignments, pretend they don't know the answer to your question, or worse still, ask you questions in front of the teacher to embarrass you?

During my 1st semester in university, I used to hang around with 2 gals from my class. I was a party animal so I needed friends to copy assignments from and to collect lecture notes for me when I couldn't wake up in time for class. My tall, attractive classmate was pretty generous. The other not-attractive one was so selfish it makes me LOL whenever I think about it. She would always say she doesn't understand what the lecturer said so that she won't have to answer anyone's questions and claims that she didn't complete her assignments so that I can't copy hers but as soon as the lecturer steps in she would instantly whip out her completed assignment! Even when I was called up to write my answer on the board and all I had was an empty piece of paper, she would pretend to have no ears and no eyes to notice that I was trying to borrow her answer sheet. In the following semester we got re-assigned to different classes so I pretended to have no ears and no eyes to notice her existence.

I think the selfish classmates are not the truly smart ones. The really smart people are those who would share their knowledge and completed assignments and even let friends copy their answers to tests/quizzes because they know that their friends can copy all they want but when it comes to the real thing their friends who copy their work can never be better than them. I have a friend like that and he's on the Dean's List. Too bad in my faculty the gals always sat separately from the guys (why??) so I didn't get to sit beside him during tests.

I heard that one guy in another class was always trying to embarrass his classmates by asking them questions in front of the class or questioning their answers when he knows damn well that everyone was just trying to bullshit their way through the answers. We did get points for participation in class so perhaps that was his way of scoring points (in Singapore - nobody says anything in class unless they get points added talking or points deducted for not talking). Anyway, everyone agreed that he was nasty. It's totally unnecessary to do that to get ahead.

Did I share my school work? In secondary school, I gave my bf all my notes and I let my friends copy my homework. In JC, nobody wanted any of my stuff because I scored poorly for everything. My teacher requested for a copy of my Economics mind maps but I didn't give them to her. I did my own self-study for all the subjects except Chinese so why should a teacher benefit from my self-study when none of the teachers (except my Chinese teachers) did a good job in the first place? I would have shared my mind maps with my classmates but nobody understood them! In uni, I passed my friends the stuff that I got from the guys :P Thanks guys!

What are friends for? Friends care and share. Hehe...


simperblog said...

You said you saw ghosts before. Ghosts are not that scary compare to workplace back stabbers. They do nasty sabotage to climb the corporate ladder.

Anonymous said...

Yah i copy a lot of assignments too during my Uni years.. At least no need to exchange sexual favours for tut answers haha..

Hey be focussed.. This is sex blog k....write to the topic ah

Yu-Kym said...

I dislike saboteurs. Work is just work. Nobody likes to work. Why make it so hard for everyone?

Who exchanged sexual favours for tut answers? Not me!

How did this become a sex blog without my knowledge? Who started it! Own up!!!