One-minute-man vs Micropenis

Before I start this topic, let's go through the definitions for the benefit for those who are clueless.
One-minute-man (1MM): A man who suffers from premature ejaculation. During sex, he ejaculates very quickly, usually within a few minutes.
Micropenis man (MPM): A man with a micropenis. The medically correct definition of a micropenis is "an erect penile length of at least 2.5 standard deviations smaller than the mean penis size". Therefore, for Asians that's 5.5"-2.5" =2.5". [Read about penis size statistics in my post, Does Size Matter - Part 1]

Which is worse: a 1MM or a MPM?

I've had encounters with 1MM and MPM. Now, you must be wondering how I got myself into those situations... The first time I had sex, I kind of didn't know better - the guy was a 1MM. When he was done, I was thinking, "Is that it? I thought sex was supposed to be great?" Aren't guys supposed to know that they shouldn't cum that fast during sex? I tried hinting or asking him about it but he responded that his previous partner reaches orgasms very quickly and all he needed to do was to touch her a bit. Either she was faking it or she doesn't know what an orgasm is! [Read my previous post, Faking Orgasms.] I think I treated him rather nicely by not hurting his ego - I heard that are gals who would get furious and storm out of the room when faced with a 1MM. Anyway, I found out from my subsequent partners that sex is pretty darn great!

Although size does matter to me, I did have sex with a MPM. The guy was extremely skillful at using his fingers, tongue and, yes, brain for seduction, foreplay and aftersex. He was so good that I was willing to overlook his lack of length and thickness down there. I suppose he knew he had a small penis so he was trying to compensate for that in other ways.

So for sure, a 1MM is far worse than a MPM. In the worst case scenario, the guy would be a 2-in-1 case of a 1MM and MPM! The only kind of women who would accept 2-in-1 cases would be:
- those who hate sex and just want to get it over and done with, feeling as little sensation as possible, or
- prostitutes.


Anonymous said...

I believe that most men are selfish. They are focusing too much on their "little boy", so much so that men act and behave in a way that makes their "little boy" happy and during this process, the girl's plight for equal happiness is ignored. Always remember "Guy are fast to feel high than girls" So lets give some thought to the lovely girls when it comes to bed ---- Nicholas C

Yu-Kym said...

I heard there are gals who are selfish too! I guess such selfish ppl will just end up with no partners (except prostitutes or golddigger gf if the guy is rich).

Anthony said...

Techincally size may matter in a lot of ways. Practically, size may not be necessarily the only factor for great sex. If a guy can make a lady cum with mouth and/or finger, why cant he make his lady cum with his MPM? I am sure his MPM should in anyway longer and wider than his finger right?

Yu-Kym said...

As written above, a MPM can be so good with his others skills that I'm willing to overlook his lack of size. But for penetration itself, size does actually matter. An Asian microp is about 2.5". It might not be longer than his finger.

Hi Kym,
Was there any topics on prostitution in your blogs? Would want to read some of your thoughts.

Yu-Kym said...

Hi, I've not written about that yet. I plan to do so when I have the mood for it :) You can use the "Search this blog" function >>> if you're looking for any particular topic.

Anonymous said...

Hi Yu Kym, do u have any BF, are u faithful or do you had one night stand often ?

Yu-Kym said...

Hi. I don't have a bf now. I've never cheated on my past bfs.

Ethan said...

From experience.. initially i felt like a 1MM.. but it got better after i learnt some tricks from a friend - on holding the ejeculation or doing foreplay to extend, personally another trick is to masturbate or have sex about an hour before that. The 2nd round erection will last about 30 mins at least. There were also occasions where I got my partner so tired that she cum about 3 times and I was still erect and not cumming yet but painfully sore...

Yu-Kym said...

Ethan, practice makes perfect? :D

micropenis said...

I would always preffer the MPM. These men know about their "shortcomings" and as you described will compensate their lack of size with perfect foreplay and the use of their tongue.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting blog.
Though I'm not a MPM, I'm not far from it.
Like you said in your blog, its very easy for a guy to know he falls *short* compared to others such as in gym classes or swimming.
For me, I saw how I didn't measure up to other guys while growing up, so I knew if I wanted to make sure my girlfriend would be satisfied and happy in bed, I'd have to more than likely have to do more than the averaged sized and up guys.

I just knew I wanted to please the women I'd sleep with so I made sure to learn the skills, but probably having a small penis made me want to master them more.