New HIV cases in Singapore 2008

The Ministry of Health, Singapore has just released the HIV statistics for 2008. [Reference: MOH Website]

New HIV cases increasing each year

Statistics show that the number of new HIV cases reported each year has been increasing during the period 1985 to 2008. Interestingly, the education level of the general population has increased and there has been significantly more awareness about HIV and how to prevent it, so why has the number of cases increased rather than decreased?

Perhaps it's because people are:
- misinformed, e.g. about the proper way to use condoms,
- more promiscuous,
- too lazy to use condoms,
- too shy to buy condoms (I'm not joking!),
- willing to take the risk for more pleasurable sex (condoms have a de-sensitizing effect)
- smart alecs who think they can outsmart the virus/disease

We can't stop people from having sex - not unless you remove their sex organs, imprison them or make them wear chastity belts - but I hope people can be convinced to use condoms religiously *pun intended*.

As one of my friend said: A few people have the H1N1 virus and everybody wants to wear a mask; Millions of people have HIV and nobody wants to wear condoms!

If people in Islamabad can use condoms, why can't Singaporeans?

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New HIV cases from bisexual transmission doubled

Also, the reported number of cases from bisexuals sex has doubled.

I wonder whether this is because more people are becoming bisexual or more people are open about disclosing that they are bisexual. It's harder to distinguish a heterosexual from a bisexual as opposed to identifying a "female" gay and a "male" lesbian. Unless you walk around with a tee-shirt or a sign on your forehead with the words "I'm bisexual" written on it, nobody would have a clue. Even if you did that, I don't think anyone's going to take you seriously. Nowadays it's not that bad to be bisexual. I think guys find bisexual gals kinda hot but people are rather anal about bisexual guys *pun intended again* [Read my previous post, 2 gals kissing vs 2 guys kissing].


Anonymous said...

One of the reasons for the statistical increase that you forgot to include is due to increase in the absolute population size. If that is adjusted, the rate of increase should not be as high as suggested.

Yu-Kym said...

I did think about it before I posted. But I didn't think it is to be treated like birth rate or mortality rate. This is arguable of course. Anyway statistics can always be used and presented to support whichever case you're making!

Sharon said...


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Yu-Kym said...

Hi Sharon, I have published and shall leave your link here should anyone need more information :)