Morals behind the cartoon Monsters vs Aliens

I watched the 3D cartoon Monsters vs Aliens today. I didn't read the review and had no idea what the cartoon was supposed to be about but I was keen on watching it because I love the 3D animation. You know how there's always a moral behind every cartoon? Interestingly, the morals behind this one are:
1. dump your partner if he/she is self-centered, makes use of you for what you are and rather than accept you for who you are,
2. you can be the person that you want to be and do the things that you want to do even if you don't have a partner,
3. invest time and effort into your friendships because true friends can help you through the tough times and accept you for you who are.

There are people out there who makes use of their partners for their personal gain, e.g. gold diggers and guys who look for "trophy" girlfriends/wives so that they can brag "my girlfriend is a model". They are the first to run the moment the situation changes for the worse, e.g. a rich guy who loses his fortune may also lose his girlfriend/wife. [Read point #1 in my previous post, Why Couple Split Up.]

On the 2nd moral, many people don't like to be alone. Some are embarrassed to be seen eating alone! A few guy friends told me that they find life meaningless without a girlfriend. Does life have to stop because one doesn't have a partner? I'm rather accustomed to and happy to do things alone or with friends now. In fact, I find that I'm doing so much more compared to the time when I had a partner!

Lastly, I am guilty of neglecting my friendships whenever I was attached. It doesn't help that friends seldom asked me out too because they knew I was always occupied. However, true friends would never turn their backs on me just because I didn't spend enough time with them, right? But I like all relationships, friendship needs to be nurtured. I can't accuse someone of not being a true friend when I've not taken time to build the friendship. [Read my previous post, True Friends.]


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