Living vicariously

I read with amusement a letter that was published in today's edition of the Today newspaper congratulating the Singapore all-women Mount Everest team on their success: "Your conquest of the Everest summit, in the face of many monumental challenges, give Singaporeans a sense of optimism: We can collectively overcome the severity of the present global downturn, just as you did all obstacles in your way..." What's climbing Mount Everest got to do with overcoming the economic downturn? Oh, we are facing an economic downturn? Quick! Send a team to climb Mount Everest? Singaporeans and our ministers say that they are "proud of" the team. What did they ever do to help the team?

Psychologists say that having a team to cheer for is good for our mental health. Why do you think so many people support Man-U? I would cheer for my friends but I don't cheer for any team and I'm a fan of no-one. The team or celebrities don't even know who I am and supporting them isn't going to make any difference to my life.

Perhaps people enjoy cheering for someone or being their fan because they simply like the team/person and want to help boost their morale (and ego?). Or maybe that's just one way of living vicariously through others. I also find that it's common for people to live through their partners. Some guys like to brag about their girlfriends being models or flight stewardesses. One guy the internet was even funnier - I asked him whether he's Chinese and he said," No, I'm Indian but my ex-girlfriend is Chinese." I'm thinking, "So?? Does that make you a Chinese too?"

Have your parents ever mentioned to you or steered you in the direction of the occupation that they would like you to have? Some parents want their children to grow up to be what they couldn't be. My dad wanted someone in the family to serve in the Police force and my mum wanted someone to become a teacher. Not surprisingly, none of us are realised our parents' dreams. My mum is pretty resigned to the fact that nobody in the family had any interest in being teachers so she went ahead to become a teacher herself. I think there's something to learn from her: she depended on herself to realise her dreams.

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SoccerUpdated said...

Yup. We should live the life the way we want to live it.