All dressed up, somewhere to go, not enough to say or do

"Second Life mania parallels the virtual world enthusiasm of the mid to late Nineties: All dressed up, somewhere to go, not enough to say or do” - Jonathan Grudin

When I read this phrase, it reminded me of an incident my younger sister related to me. Just some background: she's working in a company where "team bonding" is supposedly important so all staff have to attend company functions and group outings even if the events start after office hours or at the staffs' own expense.

Late one Friday afternoon when she was looking forward to the weekend, her colleagues decided to organise a casual outing to a club in town. My sis wasn't very keen on clubbing or spending time with her colleagues on a Friday night but they kept trying to convince her to go. It wasn't long before her boss found out about the outing and also wanted to go. The casual outing became a company event and so my sis had no choice but to agree to go. Everyone but my sis was SO excited about it! So anyway, when they all arrived at the club proceeded to order drinks and my sis asked them whether they wanted to dance. Only one of them wanted to dance so my sis and her colleague hit the dance floor while the rest of them just sat there all night and looked bored! Moments ago there were all so excited about going to the club... to sit?? They were all dressed up, had somewhere to go, but had nothing to say or do!

I didn't ask whether they took pictures and posted them on Facebook to prove to others that they were out doing something "happening" on a Friday night but I won't be surprised if they did.

What are you planning to do this Friday night? ;)
Perhaps I'll check out the PC Show at Suntec City. I'm trying to read the threads in hardwarezone forum but the server seems to be busy all the time. Hope the PC Show doesn't turn out to be just "Somewhere to go but nothing to buy"!

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