Would you be interested in joining a buffet club?

I received a call from a telemarketer, "Good afternoon, I'm selling memberships to a buffet club. Would you be interested?"

Singaporeans seem to have a penchant for food. I wonder whether it's because we are unable to find better forms of entertainment on this tiny island. There's no doubt though that the food here is great - I always find myself craving for the local food even when I'm countries like Thailand and Italy where the food is reputedly good.

Like many Singaporeans, I tend to overeat at buffets. I try to get my money's worth by eating as much as I can or at least eating a quantity of food that amounts to at least the cost of the buffet.
One of my friends said that he was at a buffet when a guy at a table behind him fell to the ground because his chair broke! Although the guy was probably just unlucky to have sat on that chair, many people would assume that he ate too much. Well, maybe he did :)

When I went on a cruise with my friends where the food was free (or rather, pre-paid), I ate so much that I could hardly bring myself to look at food after the cruise. I went to a Sakae Sushi buffet with my sisters - that was our first and last time because we ate so much that we got scared! My elder sister is now terrified of Japanese food!

The thought of joining a buffet club and going to many buffets makes me want to puke. I'm feeling it right now as I'm writing this post and I admit it's totally my fault :P So I said to the telemarketer, "No, thanks," and hung up.