Tan lines

I've been trying to avoid getting a tan because the sun makes skin age faster, I may get sun spots and I need to change the colour of my foundation according to my skin tone. All women know how difficult it is to get a good-matching foundation even if their skin tone remains the same so what more for women whose skin tone have changed! Furthermore, I take ages to finish one tube / bottle of foundation and they need to be discarded 6 months after opening so I'll end up wasting a few tubes of it if I have to use different tones.

I do a number of outdoor sports like running, swimming and recently took up climbing and diving. I usually swim after the sun sets and run in shaded trails during the day or run along tracks or roads and swim at night to minimise sun exposure. My natural skin colour is very fair but I can easily get a very deep tan. When I was in primary school, I used to swim twice a week and was tan like a Malay.

Having fair skin seems to be a measure of beauty. Just look at how well whitening products are selling. I suppose many guys in Singapore still like gals who are fair, slim and have long hair. At the rate I'm going, I don't think I can have fair skin anymore. I am resigned to getting tan now. The only way for me not to get a tan is to stop climbing and diving - I don't think I want to do that. Here're my tan lines from my Redang trip last week. It's not a nude beach so of course I have tan lines. I used Coppertone Water Babies SPF50 sunblock but I still got tanned! Well, I guess it could have been worse if I didn't use any. From what I've read, most people don't like tan lines for reasons such as it looks unnatural or funny. But others find them sexy because during sex it gives a sense of what they're getting to see that no one else does. What do you think? I would like to find out so that I can decide what to do with my tan lines. Please indicate your preference in the poll on the right >>

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Anonymous said...

please turn around :P

Anonymous said...

Not that bad.

Am refering to the tan line..

Unless you are expecting some suggestive remarks?
I see pimples outbreak on your back?

Mr Choo

Anonymous said...

nice...whats ur email add? wana email u my photo

:theregrets: said...


Seth said...

deeper tanlines ? lol

btw ur shorts can see thru. white thong ?

Yu-Kym said...

Hi Seth, your comment made me open my wardrobe to check my shorts... unfortunately that's just the line from the overlapping top and bottom halves :P

Anonymous said...

nice , fat butt cheeks haha