Sex without contraceptives

We all know that unwanted pregnancies in teens is common and they need to be educated about sex safe and abstinence. We would think adults know better, right?

I was surprised to find out that many people don't use contraceptives e.g. condoms. Some of my guys friends tell me that they have never used or prefer not to use condoms. Some of the guys whom I was involved with didn't like using condoms. I can understand why guys don't like using condoms. Apart from the de-sensitizing effect, it's also cumbersome to put on and change condoms especially for marathon sessions. But aren't people afraid of unwanted pregnancies?

What I find very confusing is that women would have sex with married men without using contraceptives. Are those men's genes so good that women want to get pregnant with their kids? Even in committed monogamous relationships, people unwanted pregnancies are undesirable.

Ya, sure, withdrawal method works *being sarcastic*. We've all heard stories about unwanted pregnancies. Are unwanted pregnancies the kind of thing that happens to "someone else"? Honestly, I get worried about getting pregnant even with use of condoms. What would I do if I get pregnant? I definitely will not go for an abortion. It's going to be very tough being a single mother. Which is why I think it's a better idea to abstain for now. If I can't handle the consequences of my actions, it's better not to do it in the first place.

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Anonymous said...

You does have a point here Miss.

Condoms are not 100% safe..
It's tested to be 99% safe..
So, out of every 100 fuckers who use the condoms, one very unlucky bastard will rip his protection and get his girlfriend, lover, wife, someone's elses wife, sister, maid, neighbour, hooker, or a transexual pregnant..
And in exchange, that unlucky bastard may got some virus for souvenir and pass it along when he get's sick and tired of it?

I am more afraid of inheriting strange species right into my dick..
Especially the infamous HIV virus nickname the Aids..
Dunno what the hell it aids on?
Perhaps to bring populations down and not deprive others from enjoying whatever measly leftover resources we had on earth right now?


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