Sex education

Sex education in schools in Singapore has been suspended. Just as well. Who needs to learn about sex from prudish female or perverted old male teachers/instructors anyway?

When I was in primary school, a female teacher commented that beauty contestants parading in swimwear have no sense of shame. In secondary school during "moral education" lessons, a female teacher went on and on about how precious virginity is and she shared with us on several occasions that she did not have sex before marriage and she did not give in to sex with her husband until 3 months after their marriage. Why should she not want to have sex with her husband? Is being frigid something to boast about? She studied in the US and to top it off (pun intended) she doesn't wear bras to school under her loosely-fitted sleeveless tops or dresses. It didn't matter that she didn't have much to show but, my point is, if she's open-minded enough to acknowledge that she does not need bust support and therefore never wears a bra to school, it's inconceivable how she can be so conservative as to deny her husband sex. Anyway, it's kind of disgusting hearing about her sex from her. Perhaps she met the objective of trying to discourage us from pre-marital sex by making us feel disgusted.

I don't think sex education in schools is a bad idea. On the contrary, I think insufficient time is spent on discussing sexual issues and fact-finding. Isn't it ironic that we spend so much time in school learning things like Maths and History which we hardly need to use once we graduate from school but so little time on sex-related matters which concern us almost our entire lifetime? Many people rely on hearsay and the Internet for information - I still get friends my age commenting that the withdrawal method is a reliable form of birth control - so a reliable source of information through schools would definately be useful for teenagers. However, the content and the instructors need to be tweaked. For starters, we need to give teenagers something to think about instead of just one-sided views that are based on what's "good" for society. Next, hire some hot looking instructors. Who's going to believe instructors who look like they've not been getting any sex?? If I look fat and ugly, would you believe any of the sex stuff that I write in my blog?


Anonymous said...

I am thinking of starting a Porn ministry in Singapore.
Everything you want to know,say or do about sex and nothing but sex.
Let the people vote and decides what they want to see or learn...
Sex educations is another form of PORN to me.
It's soft Porn
So, what the heck, it's porn eventually..
Who knows?
If I start this Porn Ministry or Porn Industry, I may help to raise the GDP of the Country's economy. Could out do the IR..
statistics indicate that the Porn industry bring home a handsome profits of over a Billions in revenue..
So, why not?

Mr Choo