Sex clouds your judgment

It is commonly known that during the initial period of a relationship or marriage, also known as the "honeymoon period", everything is lovey-dovey and bad habits are seen as endearing qualities or, at the very least, tolerable. The duration of this period varies from a few weeks to a few years.

It is also known that sex is often exciting and something to look forward to in the beginning and after a while it becomes unexciting and more of a duty or chore.

Do you see the connection?

Allow me to explain. Sex has an ability to numb one's senses and cloud one's judgment. Initially, while the sexual aspect of the relationship is alive and well, the sex numbs the mind to unpleasant thoughts and clouds the ability to see the person for who he/she really is. After a period of time when the sex gets boring and less frequent, the relationship or marriage breaks up because their judgment is no longer clouded by sex and they can see the person for what he/she really is or the situation clearly. (In this sense, it has the same effect as alcohol where the person forgets one's sorrows and one's ability to assess a situation is compromised.)

Heard of people who indulge in sex to forget their sorrows and relieve stress?
How about people who are "so in love" with their married sex partners despite knowing that their partners will never get divorced or are sleeping with multiple partners?

What have I learnt from this?
1. As long as I'm giving good sex to your partner, he/she is more likely to overlook my flaws.
2. If I've just started dating a guy, I should avoid getting sexually involved until I've had sufficient time to assess our compatibility with a clear mind.
3. If I'm already sexually involved with a guy but I'm not sure whether he's the right one for me, I should stop all sexual activities and re-assess the situation with a clear mind.

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Agagooga said...

It's called oxytocin!

Yu-Kym said...

I wrote about oxytocin here:

It's related, but not exactly the same thing. Oxytocin is not always sexual.

Anonymous said...

After many years of experience, I found that sex is everything in the relationship between a man and a women. Dont laugh, its a life long important activity

Yu-Kym said...

Of course sex is important. Otherwise what's the point of having a relationship.

Anonymous said...

Sex clouds your judgement!

This is an amusing but true statement. I can recollect from a few personal relationships, I occasionally find myself subjected to this form of "sex blackmailing" when the girl tries to get something she wants from me through sex...sometimes even in the midst of it.

And I must say generally they were quite successful ploys.....but only for the wants I am already prepared to give. hehe But logically enough I have personally never had to resort to such tactics. Perhaps this tactic dont apply to men coz women dont lust for sex as much as men do? lol

So for those men who think they do not have a strong brain to preside over a weak heart, beware. Coz good sex generally works.

silli cat