Retrenchment is regarded as a negative word to most people. I know there's a general perception that people fear getting retrenched or don't want to get retrenched. I've never been retrenched before so I can't say that I know how it feels. I do sympathize with those who are upset and struggle to survive after they are retrenched.

However, there are people out there who are hoping to get retrenched. Some companies offer generous retrenchment benefits (I think the minimum compensation is 1 months' pay for each year of service). So in effect, people who get retrenched actually are getting paid not to work!
How sweet is that!!

If you have witnessed retrenchments in your company, you would know that it's not all sweet and rosy for those who remain. The remaining employees have to take on additional workload and, worse still, clean up the mess. It's no wonder that some of the remaining employees wish that they were the ones who got retrenched instead. Getting paid the same salary to do more work versus getting paid not to work - which would you choose? I'm going to continue to do my best at my job now but if my employer offers voluntary retrenchment, I'm taking it!