Retail therapy

I was reading the newspapers today and saw many advertisements of items on sale during the Great Singapore Sale that has just started. Some of the ads even stated "Retail Therapy". When I saw that, I thought "What crap! Buying things can't make anyone truly happy, especially if it makes them broke!"

It's a well-known fact that many Singaporeans live from hand to mouth, not because they earn very little, but rather, they tend to spend whatever they earn each month or, worse still, spend the following month's salary. Financial advisers (formerly known as insurance agents) recommend having at least 6 months' salary worth of liquid assets as a "emergency funds" in case of loss of your job, sickness or you want to lend someone your money :P Examples of liquid assets are cash, fixed deposits and gold while illiquid assets are houses, cars and CPF savings.

I headed to Chinatown after work today because I needed to buy a new bottle of hair conditioner. FYI, toiletries are about 20% cheaper than NTUC or Watsons. On my way there, I purchased a bag which I loved! I was amused to feel a smile inching cross my face after I bought the bag. As much as I would like to deny the existence of retail therapy, I had it staring me in the face today - literally!


soya1942 said...

Do you think that retail therapy work on males and females in the same way? I always assumed that guys don't really get that sunshine feeling when they buy stuff. Perhaps a sense of relief of completing a task.
Or maybe because they plan a long time ahead before getting something which dulls the excitement?

Yeap, humans are unpredictable. Maybe not in all things, but definitely in some things no matter how small or irrelevant. If we were all that predictable, definitely nothing interesting would be happening in the world right now :P

Yu-Kym said...

Yes retail therapy works on males but I think they tend to buy more expensive stuff!

Are human beings unpredictable or is it just because we have not identified and understood all the factors that influence human behaviour?

soya1942 said...

Perhaps its because we tend to classify things we don't understand as unpredictable or random. As in the example that all things have their own order, just that not understanding that order makes us lable it as chaotic?

But is it even possible to understand all the factors that influence human behaviour since our intellect is so limited? If not , then does it not meant we have to cathegorize those un-understood things as unpredictable or go insane trying to understand them? :D

Yu-Kym said...

Exactly! things are not unpredictable but rather, we just don't understand the order to the madness yet (or can we ever?)!