Quiet or noisy orgasms

I find it a major turn on when a guy makes sounds during sex and when he reaches orgasms - the louder the better. If you've learnt or observed people practising martial arts, you'll know that making sounds is compulsory. Making sounds helps to channel more energy into the movement. Don't you think porn or gung fu movies without the sounds would be boring? I know porn can sound very fake but comparing sound with no sound, I rather go for sound. (I'm not referring to "quiet sex" where the intention is to remain quiet and contain all urges to make any sound.)

Why do some people have quiet orgasms and others make lots of noise? Perhaps the quiet people are conscious of how they might sound or they are holding their breath. Perhaps the noisy people have rehearsed and are faking it. I think it's all about personal expression and reaction. Some people cannot contain their emotions and jump for joy or scream when they are happy while others simply smile.

If your partner is turned on by sounds, would you be willing to make some or fake some? After all, people do all kinds of things to please their partners. I've not heard any guy who sounds "bad" and I don't think any guy would laugh at a woman for sounding "bad" when she reaches orgasms so there shouldn't be a need to be self-conscious or to rehearse.


Anonymous said...

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Liang said...

I'm turned on by sounds too and usually climax much much faster if my partner make some uhmm satisfying sound compared to quiet sex..... dam women are just miracles

Yu-Kym said...

It's quite exciting if a person who normally makes sounds is forced to remain silent. But other than that, silent sex is boring .

Aaron said...

Agree with you Kym. I prefer my partner to be as loud as possible. That really turns me on and encourages me to fcuk faster and stronger. Unfortunately that also means I come faster and the fun is over before she can say, "fcuk". But that's another story.

Anonymous said...

Can't make noise at home because i m staying with my family and to my bf. so i can only turn on the volume whenever we are all alone or go to hotel or somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

Need to have some noise to show you enjoy and appreciate. If too quite, unsure and sometimes lost if the other party is still playing or not...

Anonymous said...

To me I like my partner to express her desire for me in between the natural heavy or short breathing groans and i would to the same. Its like freely expressing and scynconising our sounds, calling each other darling, sing ren and saying things like i like fucking you, i love you, i feel so good in your pussy........etc etc to your hearts content freely expressing....continuing until exploding together in to the OMGO you describe. I like the way you describe and express about your orgasm types. It turns me on and hard. One day, there might be an opportunity we could enjoy a session together. It will probably be the OMGO you are searching for.
Enjoyed reading it.