Poll results: Are tan lines sexy on women?

I'm surprised that most of the respondents in my mini poll indicated that tan lines are sexy on women. I'm not sure whether it was my picture that caused the responses to be skewed (though I've been told that it was not my tan lines that guys were look at in the picture). I've always been under the impression that most guys like fair-skinned gals with slim waists and long hair.

For a long time, I was a fair-skinned gal (with a slim waist but not always with long hair). It helped that I was born with skin so fair that people thought I was European or Japanese. I made an effort to preserve the fairness of my skin to maintain my attractiveness to guys and an illusion of youth (overexposure to the sun causes skin to age faster).

People, including me, do judge by appearances. Being fair, slim and having long hair does give guys the impression that I'm a demure and obedient gal. But I know that I'm not demure and obedient! I've had some experience with guys who tried to make me become demure and obedient but I can't be someone I'm not just to please some guys. I think a tanned, sporty look is a better reflection of my character. And besides, you've given me the go-ahead to keep up my tanlines :) Just kidding! I'll do what I like regardless of what you think :P

As for the guys who are looking for demure and obedient gals... I'll give them a miss.