Please provide your personal particulars

We are required to provide our personal particulars for job applications and also for Life-partner Suitability "Interviews". But many of the require information or questions are not relevant at all.

Job Applications

In job applications, you are required to specify your:
a. Nationality:
b. Race/Ethnic Group:
c. Dialect Group:
d. Religion:
e. Sex:
f. Age:
g. Marital Status:

It doesn't matter that these personal particulars that you are required to provide usually have absolutely no relevance to whether you are suitable for the job. The requirement for dialect group is completely outdated! But nobody cares to that get removed never mind the time wasted on having applicants complete irrelevant information or the server space wasted to store the record electronically. If you have a religion, does that make the person more morally sound? If someone is over 40 and single, does that affect the person's chances of getting employed?

Life-partner Suitability "Interview"

In addition to the questions above that are asked for job applications, guys ask me about these... what is your...
h. Occupation:
i. Education:
j. Parents' Occupations:
k. Income:
l. Home Ownership (i.e. do I live with parents or alone or with a guy):

If I have a higher or lower education level, does that disqualify me? How fair is it to assess me based on my parents' occupations? Now, you must be thinking I'm kidding about (k) Income but I'm not. A guy asked me how much my salary is. I told him that it's confidential and he accused me of being secretive so I suggested that he tell me his first and then I'll tell him mine. I'm sure you can guess what happened after that.

I do get irritated when I get "interviewed" with such questions. Apart from knowing whether I am born a male or female and my marital status, I don't think any of the above questions are relevant. Or do guys have nothing better to say or ask so they go through the standard set of "model questions"? In response, I'm tempted to write some "model answers". Perhaps everyone should prepare a Life-partner Suitability Resume.


TrainMan said...


i hate it when i have to fill in information on my family..not sure whether if it related to the job i wanna apply..i find it quite dumb.
and of cos those info you have stated..
the worst thing i kena from a interview was the interviewer telling me that need someone who have the experience(it stated that no experience needed).
waste my time!!


Hi Kym!!
long time no see

Yu-Kym said...

Welcome back! Anything new or interesting at your end? :)

Anonymous said...

About Applications
To some of us, some of these look irrelevant but you are only looking at things from your perspective.

I seethe things you listed as necessary.

IFor example, if a company prefers someone with (or without) religious belief it has its rights and reasons for it.

Yu-Kym said...

I acknowledge that some jobs have certain requirements, e.g. department stores won't hire a man to work in the lingerie section or they want to hire a Buddhist to work in a Buddhist temple. But most of the time, the particulars are just collected for the sake of it, or worse still, used for stereotyping!

TrainMan said...

why does job gotta to do with religion?
r u some kind of religious fanatic?
or maybe u think a christian can do a better or some other religion?
take a look around Anonymous and stop stereotyping!!

nothing new Kym..just new job..hohoho

Yu-Kym said...

Trainman, sounds like your new job is going well! hohoho!

TrainMan said...


i like my new

how abt u? doing well?

Yu-Kym said...

Good to hear that! I'm doing great! Thanks!