Paying lip service

I'm tired of people paying lip service to everything especially to ending starvation and to saving the earth / nature. Ya, sure they want to do their part to end world hunger and in protecting the earth for future generations but all most people do is say one thing but do the opposite.

Miss Universe contestants are supposed to care about children. They go to places where there are starving children and bring food and taking photographs with them. Do you really think Miss Universe contestants enjoy being in filthy and depressing places? It's just an act. They are supposed to care for starving children. Why don't they use the money which they spend on cosmetics to feed the children instead? If they really cared, they would be crying instead of smiling at the camera.

Why was so much money spent on building and, now, maintaining the Vatican city? Why do people spend millions and billions on buildings when there are children dying of starvation? God is good and offers salvation? Tell that to the people who are starving! Give a starving man food and he's very likely to worship you as God.

If people care about the rainforests, environment, animals, the coral reefs and fish in the sea, they would take the effort to recycle everything that can possibly be recycled, ride bicycles or walk to work or school instead of drive, turn off the aircon and spend less time on the computer. People are in denial of the causal effects of the things that they do.

I really wish people would stop acting or talking like they care when actions are inconsistent with their words.


Zong Huan said...

how was ya diving trip?

Anonymous said...

oops stalker may follow u to your next trip... hehehe.

Anonymous said...

As mention on the above topic.
Paying Lip Service.
Does these 2 morons commentator belongs to Lips service too?
WTF her diving trips got to do with your pokey pig business?
Care to stick to the relevant topics place.

With regards to all these gloomy news about our state of living, people are dying or stavations, diseases, war, poverty, crimes...
All I can say is this..
God never intend this to happen.
Human reject God's way of life...
Human choose to run their own show...
So, the Mighty God, giving human the free will..sit back and watch human make one mistake after another...
Am talking from a general point of view..
Not on an individual level here..

Mr Choo.

Zong Huan said...

Kym, beware of Mr Choo, he is a stalker!

Anonymous said...

yo mr choo, tis is the internet, would u expect a pap type of government here as well? its pathetic to know wat the government has done to us all! internet represents freedom there is no way u can regulate anything here. we r all free to give comment on anything anywhere anytime. geee mr choo sounds like the retired general winston choo, u belong to that era? hehehe.

Anonymous said...

Save your faggot comments to your own girly blog geek.
Leave the comments here strictly for the topics..
As for your info..
Your IP address is traceable..
So, go ahead and speak "freely" for all you want.
Zong Huan, go suck some dick please.

(ain't afraid of leaving a name)
Mr Choo

Anonymous said...

thanks for the compliment mr choo (is tat a name ?)

yup ip is traceable, so wat? unless a criminal offence is commited. there is no clear legal precedence n law governing cross border stuff mr choo.

rdgs, mr ah...choo (excuse me i was sneezing maybe its H1N1 type A)

Anonymous said...

Hey its getting fun here. Sure looks like a boxing match between pinoy pac man vs mr choo.

Ouch ouch....:)