Older woman, younger man - part 1

When I was younger, I never bothered checking out the guys my age; I preferred older guys. Now that I'm older, I prefer checking out the younger guys. I'm not sure whether it's because the younger guys tend to have better bodies or that they reek of youth - I know I must sound like a vampire now! But I got to say that some older guys, even guys in their 40s, can have better bodies than young guys who don't bother to exercise and stay lean. One more possible reason why I don't check out the older guys as much: a hot looking older guy is most likely married or gay - attraction is physical as well as psychological for me.

In the past, it was more common for men to go for younger women and women to go for older men. Now it is being more and more common for women to go for younger men. I'm not saying this didn't happen in that past - celebrities such as Elizabeth Taylor had young lovers - but it's just becoming more common these days. The tabloids have taken more interest in gossiping about the female celebrities with young boyfriends (Madonna, Demi Moore, Nicole Scherzinger of Pussycat Dolls, etc) than the male ones with young girlfriends. I think it might be a good idea for me to follow in Nicole's footsteps *grin*

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Anonymous said...

for me, i have been going out with older friends, and i find this more and more common too.

The Puma said...

I am 28 and about to have an affair with a 17yo. I have never been attracted to younger men before him, but there is definitely something to be said for it. No man has ever been able to make my blood race the way he does. There are definitely societal issues to deal with though, it may be becoming more common, but people still don't take it very seriously.

Anonymous said...

I've always preferred elder girls as they are more matured and independent..however, in my opinion girls are still not used to going out with younger guys =(

some advise please?

Yu-Kym said...

My advise: be yourself :)

Anonymous said...

yu-kym, i agree that women mature faster than men, but it actually depends on the individual. ive met plenty of women that are very immature in the way they think, the way they treat other people, and their way of viewing life.