Nemo is a transsexual

Did you watch the movie Finding Nemo? I think it's one of the best! Nemo, the little clownfish, is so adorable! Would Nemo still seem adorable if I told you it's a transsexual?

From Phuket Mar 2009

It is true that the male clownfish has the ability to transform into a female clownfish (the scientific name for this ability is protoandrous hermaphrodites). The male starts off with only the male reproductive parts but possesses genetic information that allows it to produce female reproductive parts but only the dominant gene is expressed at any given time. They have the ability to change sex but do not necessarily have to.

When do they change sex? All clownfish are born as males. After hatching, the young fish float in the sea until it finds an anemone host. Each anemone is dominated by a top-ranking female breeder. Her male partner is second in rank, followed by up to four progressively smaller, non-breeding fish. When the dominant female dies, her mate changes sex and becomes female. The top-ranking non-breeder then becomes a sexually active male.

So why do we find transsexual fish cute but we find it hard to accept homosexuality and transsexuality? How about people who are born with both male and female reproductive parts? We say all these are abnormal, unnatural or different but... what is normal and natural?

It's not easy being "different". I had a taste of how people get treated when they are perceived by others to be different. People used to tease me for being left-handed. [Read my previous post, Ambidexterity: Gift or brain damage?] In the past, left-handedness was seen to be abnormal and many parents forced their left-handed children to use their right hands instead. But now, when people hear that I'm left-handed they go, "Wow! Must be smart!" I guess that's now perceived to be a "good type" of different.

Another taste of being different that I experienced was from being "mixed blood", i.e. of mixed parentage. [Read my previous post, Little Nonya.] In the past, people of mixed parentage were seen to be pariahs who were neither here nor there. Nowadays, when people hear that someone is of mixed parentage, they go, "Wow! Must be pretty/handsome!" or "Wow! No wonder so pretty/handsome!" I guess that's now a "good type" of different too.

Homosexuality and transsexuality do exist in nature - in plants and animals. Incidentally, I had a pair of lesbian parrots that were always trying to mate. Why is it hard to accept that homosexuality occurs naturally in human beings too? I don't regard transsexuality as natural but it's "different" for now. But who knows: homosexuality and transsexuality may become a "good type" of different in time to come... don't you think some gays and transsexuals look totally hot?