Men's body hair

I wrote briefly about my dislike underarm and pubic hair on men in my previous post, Underarm and pubic hair. Other than underarm and pubic hair, there are other areas of the male body where hair should be shaved or trimmed:

1. Mole hair
Ever seen meter-long hairs on moles? It's especially gross if the mole is on the face. Are they trying to get into the Guinness book of records for longest hair on a mole?

2. Nipple hair
Some guys take the effort to go to the gym to pump up their chest. They have great looking chests from afar but upon closer examination... nipple hairs!? Not sexy!

3. Facial hair
Some guys have a few longer strands of hair sticking out from around their faces when they don't shave properly. Is it that hard to shave it clean? If you ass hairs are not shaved properly that's excusable but your face is right in front of you in the mirror...

4. Goatie
Do they use their goatie for clitorial stimulation during oral sex? If not, why do men want to be goats?

5. Chest and back hair
Some women like it; others don't. I don't.

6. Ass hair
Apart from having pubic hair shaved, men should also shave their ass hair. In the same way that you shouldn't expect a blowjob if you haven't shaved your pubic hair, don't expect to have your ass rimmed if you have a hairy ass.

7. Nose hair
I don't know how anyone can walk around with hair sticking out of his nose! Some guys say that they don't trim it because if they do, it will grow back or grow longer. I'm thinking, "So? You can't trim it again?"

8. Ear hair
Same problem as with nose hair! The thought of having my tongue in a hairy earlobe is totally disgusting. Never going to happen!

Nose hair gets my vote for the most disgusting type of excess hair! I wouldn't want to date a guy with nose hair!


yg said...

everyone has hair in the nostrils. you don't like those with hair sticking out, lah.

Yu-Kym said...

haha... yes. i did mention it in #7 :D

Aaron said...

I agree on the pubic hair baing shaved. I did try to shave mine ages ago but as it grow back its prickly and uncomfortable as hell. But I the same time I donlt think I have the guts to go fo a Brazillian wax job. That must hurt like hell!

Yu-Kym said...

For me, initially it was itchy to shave, then after a while it become itchy if I don't shave :P I don't go for Brazillian either. I think it's unnecessary pain. Besides, got to wait for hair to grow long before going for waxing. Too much pain and trouble just for a few days' worth of "smooth" effect.