Men in uniform

I know some women, like myself, find men in uniform very sexy. But of course not all uniforms look sexy. Some look absolutely horrible, like the new SAF combat uniform. (I'm not concerned about the material or the enhanced camouflage capability because I'm not the one who needs to wear it). I can't help but cringe and look away quickly whenever I see someone wearing it. When I first saw someone wearing it, I thought the person was working for the environment board.

My reaction to seeing guys in the sexy-looking uniforms is the direct opposite. They command a second look or maybe even a flirt. Uniforms make guys look so hot (literally hot too)! My favourite is the old SAF combat uniform (middle, in the picture below. The guy doesn't look hot though... pity...). The thought of their bodies glistening with sweat underneath this uniform turns me on! I wonder whether it's related to my preference for sweaty sex. [Read my previous post, Sex Pheromones.]

Another uniform that I like is the police uniform, for obvious reasons: the handcuffs and strip-tease fantasy.

Now, I know that guys aren't supposed to do anything naughty while wearing those uniforms but who has to now what you do in the privacy of your bedroom? *wink*

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Reference: Mindef website
Top picture from Straits Times website.