I go to MacRitchie reservoir to run at least once a week. I love the sound of nature there - birds singing and wind blowing through the trees. It's a great place to get away from the noise and air pollution of modern day living.

Yesterday, there were more runners than usual in the park and along the road. I suppose most of them were doing their last-minute training for the Sundown Marathon to be held on 30 May. Would I ever run a marathon? I don't think so. I prefer running in peaceful surroundings where I don't see too many people or have to compete with others for some running space. Besides, why do I have to pay to run? Running is free! Well, ya, I get a free goodie bag but wait... I am actually paying for it! I don't care for the t-shirt that's going to be out-dated within a month after the event. Neither do I care for a t-shirt printed with the likes of "I completed the 42km marathon!" nor the disgusting energy gel that I've to consume. It's a well-known fact that marathons are bad for our bodies but yet many people want to do it. Likewise, climbing to extreme altitudes kills the cells in our bodies so why do people want to scale mount Everest? I suppose many people enjoy challenging themselves and pushing themselves to reach beyond what people believe to be the limits of human abilities.

Perhaps one day I will want to do the same. But for now, I'm happy with keeping my body and joints in the good condition that they are and not losing any of my toes to frost-bite :)


Charlie TT said...

Hi Yu Kym

Time flies, Sundown Marathon is just around the corner. I was like you just few years back - why pay to run?

But since running the half marathon in Dec 2007, I was trilled by the fact it was a challenge. A challenge to test your fitness level and more importantly learn to strategize your run and to last the whole distance of the race. Trust me the latter is more difficult. You need to have good judgement and patience. BTW the run was a more of a coincidence - a friend who was on an official overseas trip passed me the chip to run on her behalf.

Again I will be running the half marathon on 29 May 2010. Now sure if you have changed your mind (like me) and who knows you might be running too.

If given an opportunity, we can meet up for a run in MacRitchie reservoir. Right?

Catch up with you again.

Yu-Kym said...

Hi Charlie, enjoy your run at the Sundown Marathon! I won't be running a marathon. I'd rather go rock climbing. It involves a greater level of fitness, strength, daring, determination and strategy than running ;)

Charlie TT said...

Hi Yu-Kym

Thanks for your reply, and welcome back. I really enjoyed reading your blog. It covers a wide range of topics.

Do let me know on how I can support you. Understand you are writting a book. Let me know once it is on the shelf. I will get one for sure.

Kudos to you!