Laziness: mother of all innovation

Schools have been trying to promote creativity. Parents have been sending the children to "creative thinking" classes. Employers expect employees to be "hardworking" by clocking in long hours. Society tells us that success is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. What's the point of 99% of a product that lacks the 1% inspiration? Why do we have to put in so much effort to promote creativity or achieve success? Shouldn't it come naturally? Or has education and society made our minds so structured that we are unable to be creative, therefore we must now undo the harm that was done?

I think what's needed is to instill a sense of laziness in people. Yes, you read me correctly... laziness... Laziness for people to ask "why does it take so long to get this done?" and "can it be done more easily?"

Think about the car, the pulley and the computer. All these inventions make the tasks of commuting, lifting and communications easier and more efficient. If everyone was just happy with walking from place to place, dragging items up the hill and using snail mail, would these inventions exist?

Ever heard of the Chinese phrase Shi4 Ban4 Gong1 Bei4? It means to achieve maximum results with little efforts. (The literal translation is to halve the effort but achieve twice the success). Why not learn from the Chinese?

I am always driven to find more efficient ways of getting things done so that I can free up more time do laze around. If you want to promote creativity and innovation, first, promote laziness!


Liang said...

once again you open up my mind with these not so conventional theories and i'm really glad there's people out there that have same thinking as me, I too have faced many obstacles for making choices but well i'm happy. Btw i posted a few comments today and think i shudn't just comment as anon if i were to come back for more >< so here's me (Liang)

Yu-Kym said...

Thanks Liang. I am happy to know that there are ppl like you who think this way too!

ronniel said...

i really love the way your perceptions go. The way you think is very brilliant.....
Lazyness makes everything POSSIBLE>>>

Anonymous said...

A charlatan she is! A clever twist on things. Only a fool would sink his teeth into such utter rubbish!

silli cat