Idiots at work

Have you ever worked with or interacted with driven and talented people who inspire, motivate and energize you? Now consider the opposite: idiots. Unfortunately, most of the time we have to deal with idiots at work. Although it is true that we decide how we want to think and feel, it's hard to shake off the frustration and to prevent ourselves from being exhausted by their idiocy. Besides, some idiots can't be ignored because they're on the same team or the idiocy is directed at us.

Definition of idiot: A person who does not know how to do his/her job, does not do the job or makes many mistakes and spends time finger-pointing and complaining about how everyone else is not helping him/her do the job.

The bigger idiot is the company that continues to pay salaries to such people. Idiotic behaviour is a waste of company's money because idiots not only waste their own time but also time of other people who are called in to witness the finger-pointing, to act as referees or to respond to accusations.

Would working in such a company make me the ultimate idiot?

Looking at the flip side of the coin, idiots are the smartest. They don't need to do work; they simply have to spend their time finger-pointing and complaining, then collect their salaries at the end of the month. You got to admit that it's almost an art form! And the satisfaction one gets from seeing everyone else tired, frustrated or angry must be priceless! Perhaps I should try to perfect the art of idiocy and let the fun at work begin!


Anonymous said...

Idiots at work?
I dun think so..
It's should be rename it to..
Conman at Work.
But why Conman?
Isn't it obvious?
They con everyone into working for him/her and the company get con into thinking he/her actually works and pay him/her salary.
That's why.
Your terminology of Idiot is wrong here.
An idiot basically cannot fend for themselves and are very dependant on the smarter species around him/her.
An idiot always get told what to do and do it wrong at the end.
An Idiot thinks he/she is the smarter one only when he/she is alone. And always speachless,clueless or daydreaming when approach for new ideas or suggestions by others.
Now,that's the real IDIOTS.

Mr Choo