Got money, can dive

Diving is one of the expensive sports that people can indulge in. Singapore is no place to dive, so firstly, you need to have money to go overseas. You also need to take courses to certify yourself fit and able to dive. The most common certification is from PADI. You start off with the open water diver course to get a licence to dive. With this licence, you can dive up to a depth of 20 meters which should be sufficient for most reefs. If you want to dive beyond 20 meters, do night dives, cave dives, wreck dives, etc, there are further courses to take which, obviously, costs money too. Got money, can dive.

Some reasons why people enjoy diving:
- they love nature, underwater photography, blah blah blah
- it's something to do on holidays so they don't get too bored
- it's a great way to show off one's body and check out other bodies. There's really nothing else to do on the boat but look around at one another.
- it does not require a high level of physical fitness. You can be a heavy drinker or smoker, you can be overweight, you may have poor stamina and you don't need to be smart. Of course, it is highly recommended for divers to be fit, but nobody's going to stop you if say you didn't exercise in the past 5 years. It's the diver's personal responsibility to assess his/her own suitability for diving. Other than having to swim against currents, diving is actually very relaxing and does not require much effort.
- it's a good way to burn calories. You burn about 297 kcal per hour of diving which is equivalent to swimming laps freestyle at a slow pace - so diving a good way to burn calories because people can easily dive for an hour without feeling tired but how many can swim laps non-stop for an hour?
- in the water you feel lighter... hehe... instant weight loss
- to escape the heat. It's nice and cool underwater. Sometimes people say it's cold though I don't feel it. I guess I have too much fats that's why I've a naturally higher resistance against the cold :P

If you have no money to dive, the best you can do is snorkel or skin/free dive. My diver friend said that divers usually will not snorkel because they can dive. Although I can dive I still enjoy snorkelling. I find it very relaxing to float on water and observe the fish, knowing that I'm not going to run out of air. And because I can float facing down or facing up without moving*, I don't need to wear a life jacket or carry a tank of air, I feel unrestricted and free!

* People with more fats are able to float better because water is denser than fat. People with a lot of muscle or people who are just lean tend to sink because muscle or bone is denser than water.

I would like to dive wrecks next so I'll need to take a further course on using enriched air/Nitrox (so that I can stay underwater longer). I'll definitely need more money soon. Got money, then can dive :(


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