Joke: Why are your feet positioned where they are? Because that's the furthest point from your nose.

I was waiting for the train at the station one day. Adopting the same behaviour of trying to avoid making eye contact with anyone, I looked down at the floor in front of me. I saw a pair of feet that looked old - the skin was dry, cracked and wrinkled - assumed they belong to an old lady. I was shocked to look up and see that the owner of that pair of feet was a young lady no older than me. I self-consciously glanced at my own feet and sore I'd take a closer look when I get home.

A shoe designer (I saw it on TV, but I didn't take note of his name) observed that how a person takes care of her feet is a reflection of how she takes care of herself. I have to agree that it's true. During the difficult times of my work and personal life my feet didn't look or feel very good. Now my feet are doing great and so am I!

I once gave a guy a foot scrub and he was shocked. He asked me "don't you find it dirty?" He shared that he doesn't even touch his own feet because it's get washed when he washes the other parts of his body. He's pretty clean and hygienic (apart from not shaving his pubic hair) and his feet do not stink so I didn't make any comments. On another occasion he commented that his own cum is dirty and asked me the same "don't you find it dirty?" question. Do you think there's a correlation there?

Actually, some men may have healthier looking feet than women. Most men would wear sock and comfortable, roomy, flat-soled shoes most of the time (some guys wear heels inside their shoes... haha). In air-conditioned places like offices, socks protect the skin on the feet from losing too much moisture. Roomy, flat-soled shoes do not cause corns and foot deformities that high heels and stilettos can cause. I shall not paste any of those grotesque pictures of deformed feet here because those are sure to make me puke. I've seen some with the bones of the toes almost sticking out of the skin! Yuuucks!

Despite knowing these, women like myself find it hard to resist the sexiness of stilettos - feeling sexy and looking sexy. Any woman would immediately feel sexier after putting on stilettos. Stilettos force women to walk in a sexy way (forced to maintain balance by keeping the back straight and swaying the hips). My guy friend commented about the way I walk when wearing stilettos: it looks like I'm squeezing a dick between my legs.

Although I still own a few stilettos and I wear one of those in the office, I prefer wearing flipflops and going barefooted. I enjoy barefooted rock climbing too. No, I don't need to have thick skin to do that. If I have corns and thickened skin it would be even more painful. I moisturize my feet often to keep them looking healthy and feeling soft. Furthermore, one of the prerequisites for giving a footjob is soft and smooth skin :P

Fact: Why women own so many pairs of shoes? Because no matter how much weight they put on, they can always fit into their shoes!