Fat Sex

To follow on from my previous post about teddy bear bodies ...

A few possible reasons why gals like teddy bear bodies:
- the gals have low self-esteem. They hope that guys with a less desirable bodies are less likely to cheat,
- the gals have low sex drive. Gals can just say that they don't feel like having sex and they only want to cuddle,
- the gals don't have good sexual stamina. I get the idea that fat guys usually don't have very good sexual stamina so such guys should be ideal for these gals.

I personally don't like fat guys because when having sex in missionary position, I look down and I can't see his dick! I dislike seeing the fats swinging around in any position. Besides, there is a difference in sound when the bodies slap into each other during sex. If the bodies are fat there tends to be a "piak piak" sound whereas if the bodies are lean and firm it sounds more like "dub dub". I prefer "dub dub" anytime :P


Anonymous said...


To some low self-esteem, wrist cutting self abusing Ah Lians..

It's either Fat Sex or No sex at all.

How can they survive the lonely days without a man?
A fat fuck comes along?
"Hey? Why not?" The self deceiving Ah Lian thinks to herself..
So, there you go.. some Fat retard do get laid too.

wao...so particular. :p

Yu-Kym said...

Well, there's always somebody for everyone... Some guys are turned on by Ah Lians, and some people like fat sex!

Darren said...

Well then how about skinny sex.

Yu-Kym said...

I think skinny sex is alright - at least for me at the moment.

tkk said...

Fat = pressure -> pleasure lol

Ah lians can scold people so loud. Then moaning even louder lol!

Rock Hard said...

Just like there are guys who have a fetish for BBW (Big & Beautiful Woman) so there are women who had a thing for Fat sweaty dude.
It all boils down to individual preference.

Yu-Kym said...

tkk, what you wrote reminds me of another post of mine: http://yu-kym.blogspot.com/2010/03/spelling-and-pronunciation-mistakes-can.html

Rock Hard, ya, it takes all kinds to make the world go round!

Jon alen said...
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