Correlation between intelligence and memory

If someone keeps asking you the same question repeatedly, despite your many previous attempts to provide an answer, wouldn't that make you doubt the person's intelligence? I don't know whether such people didn't understand what was explained in the first place or they just can't remember what was said. Besides, if people can't remember what they did in the past, they won't be able to apply past experience to the present situation and would keep making the same old mistakes. Conversely, if someone has the information that you need off the top of his head and can recall past incidents, won't that give you the impression that the person is intelligent?

Perhaps I'm too hard on myself or on people but saying things like "I've got a bad memory" or "I will definitely forget that" makes people sound less intelligent (I acknowledge that it is sometimes tactical to be thought of as less intelligent) and may end up as self-fulfilling prophesies. If you say you have a bad memory, then you do. If you say you will forget, then you will. If you really think your memory is less than good, shouldn't you do yourself a favour by trying to improve it?

I must admit that my memory isn't as sharp as when I was a teenager. I used to be able to recall formulas, facts, numbers, diagrams, etc. I didn't even need to write down the chapters or pages that I needed to study for tests because I could remember all those. At that time, it was absolutely necessary to memorise every bit of detail in order to do well for tests and exams. When I started working, I found that it was no longer necessary to memorise facts or figures. However, I now think that being able to provide key information instantly from memory is essential to giving a perception that I'm an expert in my area of work. And if I know I can't remember certain figures, I'd better write them in a book and carry it with me wherever I go!

I believe everyone can improve their memory power. It's just a matter of working hard at memory techniques and exercises, and improving physical health. I will write about it in another post.