Can money buy happiness?

Money buys you physical comfort such as shelter, food and clothing.
Money buys security.
Money buys holidays.
Money buy beauty. (surgery)
Money buys sex.
Money buys love. (You can buy a bride. Of course she won't love you instantly but if you didn't have money, you won't even get that chance. Guys usually say they want to spend their youth earning money instead of spending time finding girlfriends... good thinking... we seldom hear of rich guys having trouble finding girlfriends or wives). [Read my previous post, What is love?]
Money buys children (sperm bank for single motherhood, surrogate pregnancy for gay couples, adoption).

But can money buy you happiness?
It all depends on whether you allow yourself to be the master over what you bought or a slave to it. For example, if you buy a beautiful house to live in, that can make you happy. If you get upset or paranoid about cleanliness, you can hire a maid to keep things in order. If you get worried about your maid stealing or breaking items in your house, you can install hidden cameras. If you are worried that some things that you maid does (like bringing men home) that you won't know about unless you viewed all the camera recordings, you can hire a security guard to watch her 24x7. If you don't trust the guard to keep his/her hands off your maid, you can stay home and guard the place yourself!

A real life example would be my friend's brother who purchased the car of his dreams. He loved his car so much that he would scold his wife and children if they dirty or scratch the car, and would even ride a motorbike to work when it rains so that his car will not get wet!

It seems to be every woman's dream to be a rich tai tai (i.e. rich man's wife who is given lots of money to spend). If there's a male version of it (gigolo? hehe), then that might be every man's dream too. People would rather marry for money than for love if they had the choice. Love doesn't buy happiness but money certainly can.


Anonymous said...

Women loves money, comfort, security and material gains. They misinterpret it as love and happiness.. A wise man sees happiness when they experience emotional love!

Anonymous said...

funny how you have all this kind of theories which seems wrong in many people's eye but i could not disagree with you at all... perhaps we just have the same thinking ><

Yu-Kym said...

What women and men want is pretty complex. That's why I can keep blogging about relationships and not run out of things to say :P

My friend shared with me that he was pretty shocked at a few of my theories. Not everyone can accept let alone agree. Good to know you think the same way :) Makes me feel less alone.

Anonymous said...

I read between the lines and think you comtemplate too much..guess you need social acknowledgement and emotional attention more than the sexual part oops.. You are indeed a sensual woman and hope you find your soul mate:P jonathanh