A bird in hand

Has your gf/bf/husband/wife ever left you for another person? One of my x-bfs did. It was depressing, needless to say. I was left wondering whether she was prettier, slimmer, younger, sexier, etc. It's very common for people to break up because they've found someone else whom they perceive to be "better". But usually the thought of wanting to break up or not wanting to be with the current partner would have been there for quite a while and the third party is only a catalyst to the break up that would have happened anyway. A bird in hand is worth two in a bush. The dissatisfied partner is only waiting to have another bird in hand before letting go of the current bird.

Has your gf/bf/husband/wife ever left you for nobody? I've never left any of my x-bfs for another guy. When I feel that the relationship is not working out, I will break it off before getting involved with anyone else. Once I've decided that I can't be with someone, wouldn't it be fair to him for me to let him go? Or will he think that I'm being unfair because I'm not giving him another chance even when I've nobody to move on to? Perhaps it is foolish of me not to secure another bird before letting go of my bird-in-hand but I just can't make myself pretend to be in a relationship. Now for me there are no birds in the bush and no bush at all. I'm not sure whether I want to own a bird but if I do, I'd prefer to have it without a bush :P (If you don't understand what I mean, read this.)

So which is worse - for a partner to leave for someone else or for no-one else? I think for a partner to leave me for someone else is a betrayal because the guy must have been dating another gal while still being in a relationship with me and/or he's been wasting my time! For a partner to leave me for nobody shows that he would rather be alone than with me so that would make me wonder what I have done to cause him to make the decision to leave me (but at least he wouldn't be wasting my time). Either way, it sucks but I rather know earlier than later.