Women have great memory when it comes to...

I may be generalizing here but perhaps there's some truth to it. It seems women are fantastic at remembering past arguments and unhappy incidents. I don't think I'm an exception but I just have a slight variation.

I don't always remember every argument or fight. When I'm told about a previous fight at times I don't recall that it even happened or don't remember what was said that made me feel hurt. But what I do remember is each criticism about my appearance. I can remember who said it, what was said (though not to the exact phrase or word) and perhaps where and when it was said.

Here are some comments/criticisms people have made about me:
- You are skinny
- You lost weight
- You put on weight
- You are short
- Your eyebrows are messy
- The shape of your nose looks bad
- Your lips are too thin
- You are not as slim as my ex-girlfriend (key word: EX)
- Your hair is not as smooth and shiny as the model's in the TV advertisement (they put oil on it, dummy)
- You've got a pimple on your forehead (Thanks! I didn't see it at all when I looked in the mirror!)
- [there are other more mean things which I rather not mention]

I know some of them sound really lame and I shouldn't be bothered about them especially when ALL of the people who have sometimes to say aren't perfect themselves. In fact, most of them have weight problems (just saying it in a nice way... the bad way is to say they are FAT). I usually don't return the criticism but I did on 2 occasions when I decided I had to put a stop to it:

1 fat male ex-colleague commented that I put on weight. He's a guy so I figured he can take some criticism. I told him, "look who's talking."

1 fat female ex-colleague kept commenting almost daily that I'm thin. One day she was talking about guys' preference for slim female bodies and I said to her, "some guys like gals like you - fat fat one." This shut her up about my body size for as long as she remained in the company.

I don't forget when someone criticises my appearance. Their criticism affects me differently depending on who they are. If they're just acquaintances, I'm not badly affected. If a guy who's trying to date me or bed me criticizes me, he's got no chance at all. If my boyfriend criticises me, I'll be pretty upset and I don't think I'll be keeping him for a long time - it will be alot easier to forget his name than to forget the criticism.