Things to do on Saturday nights

Some people are rather surprised to hear that I enjoy staying home on Saturdays nights. What can people do when they go out on Saturday nights in Singapore anyway?

Here's what I came up with:
- clubbing / pubbing
- eating / bbq
- watch movies
- fishing
- karaoke
- mahjong
- tv sport, i.e. watching soccer on tv
- night shopping at Mustafa
- camping
- ghost catching in haunted places
- night sports such as night golf, street soccer, cycling, running, (racing?)
- make out / have sex

I'm only interested in the last 4 but they all require me to have companions. Unfortunately, I hardly have any crazy friends. Most of my friends would want to just go out to eat - sitting and talking are not that exciting to me. Throw a handsome, tall, hunky guy in front of me to admire and maybe I might change my mind :P If you think you fit the description, drop me a note *wink*
(Note: This is not an offer for sex. I'm just asking whether any guy who fits the description can offer himself to be admired - that's all. The reward for the guy is that he'll be admired. )

[All dressed up, somewhere to go, not enough to say]


Zong Huan said...

hi i fit that descirption of the last 4 things to do on a saturday ,i quite like your bravery in writing this and also admired your last 4 activities to do too. give me a call at 97283950. this is chris here. i be waiting for ya call this saturday man.

Anonymous said...

call me at 83446086 Dennis, working as business analyst in NTUC income.
Or add me in your FB, my email add is

Lestat said...

Ghost catching sounds fun. Count me in!

Yu-Kym said...

About ghost catching, you can check out the Singapore Ghost Hunting Club