Teddy bear bodies

Guys, don't bluff yourselves. When gals say that they like guys with some extra cushion to hug like a teddy bear, they're just trying not to make you feel bad about yourself. It's the equivalent of the response to the "do I look fat?" question that gals ask.

Although it's true that people have different preference for body types (e.g. some people have fat fetish), the general population of women would be turned on by muscular rather than teddy bear bodies. I got to admit I couldn't get enough of Brad Pitt's naked ass in Troy and I'm sure other women felt the same! Moses Lim's ass? Er, no thanks.

So please get off your ass and go exercise for your own sake. You can't get a firm ass by sitting on it. I certainly won't been sitting on mine.


er1c_sg said...

wow...u really do have a nice firm butt!
u look great!

takashimaya. SC said...

HELP IM FAT!!! hehehe. its been a long time.

Yu-Kym said...

i cant help you! you gota help urself!

Anonymous said...

i'd love to tap that ass